2013 December LSAT Morning Cometh


First, I want everyone to click here. Because every morning should start with some Queen. Leave that tab open while reading this post.

Now, let’s get down to it.

It’s the morning after the December 2013 LSAT, and most of you are probably feeling a bit hung over. Some from excessive drinking in celebration. Others from excessive drinking as a consolation. And almost everyone from the excessive studying you’ve been doing over the past several months.

It’s normal to feel that way after dedicating so much time for so long to something. But it’s over, and it’s time to reenter your family and social circles.

The test itself?

Reports have been extremely mixed.

Some people commented on a dense and wordy Reading Comp passage. Others on a time-consuming Logic Game. Both of those, however, are pretty standard for the test.

Logical Reasoning does seem to be getting special mention for having a higher level of difficulty than normal, which very rarely happens. Whether this is because of a tricky experimental section, a few killer questions, or just hard sections is yet to be seen.

My impression from talking with students is that, overall, it was a pretty standard test. Nothing too crazy; just a few hard questions.

Hopefully, you agree, since most of my students felt pretty good coming out of the testing center. If so, let us know below! If not, do the same.

6 Responses

  1. Alfonso says:

    I thought some practice tests were harder than yesterday’s test. Maybe I’m way off and failed miserably, but I walked out cautiously optimistic. The first two LR sections were fairly similar in difficulty, which wasn’t too bad. The last one had tougher questions but not too bad, I still finished in time and don’t think I sacrificed accuracy. The LG section was time consuming. Spent my time working on the three straigh-forward but lengthy games and completely forewent the hard complex game. RC had 2 long passages one of which was the toughest. The remaining three were standard. Here’s to hoping I got a decent score!

  2. Jessy B says:

    I got really hung up on the Logic Game section it was terrible. Logic Games are usually my strongest section. I am not feeling super Positive. :(

  3. Angela says:

    I had 2 LR sections. I finished the first with time to spare but not the second since it seemed to have more difficult questions. Finished 3 LGs- typical for me (would always like just 5 more minutes…). Games seemed pretty standard. I had two RC sections. Both had 2 relatively tame passages and two dense passages. Finished 3 on one and 3 and a 1/2 on the other. I have no idea what my score could be. It will depend a lot on luck for my “letter choice guesses” and which RC passage was the experimental one.

  4. Nina says:

    I had 3 LRs Sections, the first one was the toughest for me. LG Section was time consuming i was able to complete about 3 1/2 . RC is my worst section, I was able to complete 3 passages .

  5. Shawn Halbert says:

    I felt the LR sections were relatively tame compared to some of the recent practice tests. They seemed to have fewer questions with lengthy stimuli and answer choices. But every time i thought that about a practice test I was quickly humbled when the score report came out, so I have to temper my confidence. I had two RC passages. One seemed pretty standard and the other had one passage that was dense and confusing and had some absolutely killer questions for me. All I can say is bless Blueprint for teaching me to track the author. There were no surprises in the games, but some of the questions sucked up a bunch of time. I had to rush through the final two questions just to get something on the answer sheet.

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