2013 June LSAT Instant Recap

Football season aside, there aren’t many Mondays worth getting excited about. Then of course there’s the June LSAT…

Thousands of law school hopefuls sat for the June LSAT today, and we’ve got some immediate reaction. Please chime in with your own thoughts in the comments, but be aware that all comments must be approved by a moderator. LSAC forbids any discussion on specific question content or anything too revealing about the June LSAT. So if your comment does not get approved, you probably broke a rule.

Now, about the June LSAT:

One of Blueprint LSAT Prep’s inside sources who took the June LSAT says that although he and some other LSAT test-takers tripped up on certain parts, it wasn’t a significantly difficult test — and it featured exactly 100 questions. His experimental section was Logical Reasoning, but he’s not sure which because they were of average difficulty. However, he did say there was at least one crux question. Logic Games got off to a smooth start, but there was a tricky fourth game that ate up some time.

Another source (as well as some chatter online) says the experimental Reading Comprehension section (for those who had it) was quite a doozy. Probably a lot of people happy that it won’t affect their June LSAT score.

But what say you? If you took the June LSAT, how are you feeling? Do you agree? Which was your hardest section? Let’s hear it in the comments.

Just remember: no talking about specific questions!

29 Responses

  1. Roger says:

    Man, I it were acceptable to scream and celebrate with fellow test takers I’ve never met before, because that what I felt like doing. I think it went okay. But I’m not too worried yet, just glad I’m done.

  2. bill says:

    Harder than Feb, though not that difficult, by any means. Strong feeling curve will be 10, though I suppose 11 is plausible. Perhaps 9, too, but I doubt it. Feb was probably 9, and this was harder.

  3. Zak says:

    TWO agree questions

  4. Kelly says:

    It didn’t seem to bad to me. I had two RC, two logical reasoning, and one game section.

  5. AD says:

    Anyone know which games section was the experimental for those who had an extra one? Other than that pretty straightforward test, though some weird question types (agree, crux, softMBF) made an appearance.

  6. Ed says:

    Did anyone have a second logic games section? My experimental games section was awful

    • JJ says:

      @Ed – I did and the second LG section killed me – first LG section was easy. How are you certain the second section was the experimental one? (I am trying to figure out whether or not to cancel my score because I completely tripped up on that section)

      • Michelle says:

        I was horrible at the second LG section. But they were definitely LGs I was not used to seeing. I am thinking it was experimental.

      • Jeff says:

        The second logic games section is definitely the one that counted. The one in the first section was experimental. I know because of a discussion on another site told the one that was on all tests.

  7. Steph says:

    I had LG, LR, LG, RC, LR in that order. First section of games was KILLER but I’m pretty sure that section is experimental. Second section of LR was a bit harder than usual. Third section of LG was more straightforward with the exception of the last game. I was never good at RC, so it seemed the same to me. Fifth section of LR was easier than the first for sure, but I still have an unsettling feeling.

    Overall, I feel like this test was way harder than any of the practice tests taken at blueprint. According to what other people say here, I might cancel and try again October.

  8. Richard says:

    I thought both LGs were comparable with difficulty levels. Although my second section was a little easier (so I’m hoping that was the real THING). RC was standard, one of the passages was odd…I had a lot of questions where I was stuck between 2 answers…Finally the LR was bizarre…besides the Agree questions, some questions were very dense. Overall I’m hoping for a miracle -12 curve ( hopefully puts the 160 at -27) although, I think that’s unlikely as there were exactly 100 questions…oh well the epic wait begin now!

  9. Karly says:

    The test today was much more difficult than the practice tests we did during the course. However, it might just seem more difficult because BP does a great job at boosting our confidence in the few days leading up to the test!

    I thought RC was extremely manageable. It was what I expected. I had three LR sections, and couldn’t really tell which one was experimental. The third LR section was much easier than the first two, I thought.

    LR was surprising because of the multiple Agree, softMBF, and Crux questions that made appearances. Also, the LR prompts were VERY hard to decipher! It took more thought than usual to determine the question type.

    I wasn’t able to do any scenarios on any of the games, which is a bummer. Also, I knew there was a big deduction I was missing in the third game, but couldn’t figure it out for time’s sake.

    From what I heard from everyone I’ve talked to, everyone is pretty much freaked out about this particular test, so perhaps that bodes well for a curve!

  10. Erick says:

    The RC experimental I thought was s breeze. However the earl RC was challenging for me. LR was not that bad. LG second game was tricky.

  11. Kel says:

    I had LG, LR, LG, RC, LR. I felt the test was considerably harder than any I have taken before and I the second LG I could not figure out one section for the life of me. Oh well…..

  12. Alex says:

    1Reading comprehension — slightly hard in the double passage portion.
    2Logical Reasoning– can’t have got any wrong
    3Logical Games– can’t have got any wrong
    4Reading comprehension — found the second set easier than the first. hope first was experimental.
    5Logical reasoning– dunno if it was harder or if I was losing focus after all those hours, but it felt harder. There was a parallel-error type of question where all the choices looked like crap to me. When in doubt, I tried to go with the choice that evened out my answer distribution a little more lol.

  13. Oolong says:

    I thought one of my LR sections had some weird questions (hopefully experimental). Games and RC weren’t that bad. I found myself doing LR much faster than I’ve ever done on a practice test. Not sure if I was rushed and nervous so I wasn’t thinking through things or if my concentration was heightened or the questions were easier…

    • Leslie says:

      Oolong – I had LR LG LR LR RC as well. Definitely thought that one of the LRs was experimental as the questions were bizarrely phrased even from the get go – What did you think? Could you tell that one was significantly different from the other two? The LG section was of average difficulty (as compared to truly difficult LG sections of past LSATs) although I was close to running out of time checking options for the last game. The RC was about the same difficulty as recent Preptests so no surprise there. Agreed with you about the LRs – thought they were fair and with the total number of questions on the lower end for both, felt as though enough time could be spent deliberating on each stimulus.

      • Oolong says:

        My second LR section was the weird one; hopefully that was the experimental one. There were only 100 questions and the games weren’t particularly difficult; I think the curve is going to be pretty strict. :(

  14. Ashley says:

    I had LG,LR,LG,RC,LR….
    I thought the first LG was more difficult and time consuming than the other LG… (maybe cuz I was too nervous in the beginning of the exam..) Is there any way which LG was the experimental? I ‘m hoping the former… was NOT the real one!!!!!!!!

  15. Dave says:


    I killed LG & RC. I felt really comfy with both. I feel the 1st LR was fairly simple. I really really really hope the 2nd LR was the experimental cause I know I bombed that.

  16. mary frances vester says:

    I felt awesome about the test! I breezed thru the first LG section, then LR wasn’t as awful as usual, then another LG and I knew it was experimental but i still completed it. then RC was a bit harder than usual, then last LR was tougher or I was tired. But I feel I scored better than my practice exams or at least the top of them. SO happy I am done!!!! No more waking up at 4:00 to study while the house is asleep, however, i got up this morning and went to check this. Oh, well, old habits die hard. started studying in february and did 9 practice tests.

  17. TimFinn says:

    There were a few weird logic games but all in all I think it went well. Literally started dozing at the end of my Section 5 RC though, so that doesn’t bode too well…

  18. bill says:

    you should set up a poll for the curve for 170, with 9-12 as the options

  19. Cindy says:

    I had 2 RC sections. First one was extremely difficult it was the first section.. also the logic games were (crossing fingers) not bad! yes 2 agree questions

    • Dean Williams says:

      I had two RC as well…. RC LR LG RC LR … I finished one RC in record time, I’m usually scrambling and the second one had some ambiguous wording and passage meanings… Not to mention the always awful name it question Annnd applied to a dual passag
      Maybe it was the coffee but the quicker RC was definitely simpler

  20. PKEL says:

    LG, LR, LG, RC, LR

    First LG was time consuming and tough. I was nervous that it would be the only LG, my best section, and was relieved to come across the second which I found much easier. Hopefully the first one was the throwaway. RC was always my Achilles’ heel but I was comfortable with this one, rushed the last passage but I always seemed to. The first LR was easier than the second but that might be because I was getting a little fried in the 5th section. Now we wait…

  21. Ana says:

    SO I had LR LG LR LG RC. This was my dream test (if one could ever have such thoughts about the LSAT) I love games so I was really excited. My first LR was a breeze, felt pretty good about it and the first games section went really well, I had like 15 minutes to do the last game and so even though I realized the little trick late I don’t think it hurt me at all. The second LR amped the difficulty, they did use different ways of asking questions and it did take a couple seconds or so to figure out what are they asking. Now the second games were horrible. There were three super easy normal games and one game that was super weird. Nothing like I’ve ever seen before. But yay for me because I’ve learned that was my experimental. RC was much more manageable than what I expected with 3 passages being relatively easy and the 4th I never get to anyway but I think that was the hard passage. Overall I don’t think this test was any different from recent tests. With games being fairly manageable and the difficulty coming from a reading comp passage or a few questions in a LR section.

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