December 2011 LSAT Instant Recap

Looks like someone finally has time to start holiday shopping.

The December 2011 LSAT snuck up on all of us, but now it is a thing of the past. Before we hit the mall to visit Santa, let’s discuss how the LSAT went. Voice your thoughts in the comments.

Remember, though: LSAC prohibits us from talking about anything too specific regarding the content of the exam. No talk about which section was the experimental. Nothing about the subject matter in reading comp. Don’t guess the curve. If your comment doesn’t make the cut, it’s because we didn’t approve it. No hard feelings.

Now let’s dig in.

An early report from the East Coast is in, and it sounds like the test was pretty straightforward. Many who took the October exam (which had a very lenient LSAT score curve) have voiced the opinion that this exam was easier.

Several students reported that the logic games were some of the easiest in recent memory. It also sounds like LSAC might have spread out the easier logical reasoning questions rather than hook you up with the 10 easiest right off the bat. Also, most students said that reading comprehension was the toughest section (surprise, surprise). Although they did specifically mention the comparative passage as quite a doozy.

Do you agree? Disagree? How do you think you did? Did anything crazy happen on your way to the LSAT or during? Let’s hear about it in the comments. We’ll be updating the post throughout the day with any more information we receive.

114 Responses

  1. Christine says:

    I thought the logic games were really hard… Especially the last two.

  2. Theresa says:

    WOW! I couldn’t agree more! The games were a breeze and the reading comprehension was the only part that had me nervous! Great test, some of the questions even made me laugh. A lot better than the October one!

  3. Mike says:

    Did anyone else notice typos or just unintentionally weird sentences? Someone mentioned it at the break. Later, I encountered an answer choice that didn’t make grammatical sense. I was forced to pick that choice (because the others weren’t a good match), but I had to guess at the intended meaning.

    I was disappointed to see two logic games sections on my test. My first section was logic games, and I was happy to have it done, so it was an unpleasant surprise to see them again in the third section. I can only hope that the second one was experimental.

    With those exceptions, the test went went. I took it in the past (but ended up getting a Master’s instead), and I scored a 165 at the time — I was pretty happy with that.

  4. Christine says:

    Yes to the typos. I did the exact same thing and went with it cuz the others didn’t make sense

  5. Mrs.H says:

    Much easier than the October LSAT!!! I flew through certain sections of this exam and was finally able to successfully complete four logic games!!…

  6. Mrs.H says:

    I had arguments, logic games, arguments, arguments, then reading comp,..,, lol, can’t get any better than that!!!!

    • Michael says:

      I had the exact same thing. I honestly feel like 2 of the arguments sections that I had that I didn’t miss any questions, and then the other one I probably missed 3-4 just b/c I had a few I had narrowed down to two and had to take an educated guess. I am just hoping and praying the experimental one was the one I am hoping.

    • Jen says:

      Ditto! The only thing I’d have liked more would’ve been an experimental games section (those are my favorite) but I was happy not to have any same sections back to back.

  7. Andrew says:

    I similarly had games in section 1/3. I found both to be standard and nowhere near the most difficult they have to offer. A concern of mine was to sit and be hit with one ridiculously hard game but that wasn’t the case. I found one logical reasoning to have a handful of tricky questions and overall be a bit harder than normal for me. The other section to be standard. Reading comp was my biggest fear. Two passages and question sets seemed easier than the other two, with one of those carrying the most difficult questions (for me). Hope everyone did well though! I usually score 161-2 and I think this test will provide that for me so overall “Standard” fits the bill for me in describing this exam.

  8. LizT says:

    I have a good feeling about the test as a whole. I thought the games were pretty easy. Struggled with the RC though. I wasn’t able to finish the last question, and quickly went through the 4 before that without giving them the time I would have liked. I had 3 LR sections. One I found to be really easy, one really hard, and one average.

  9. Mrs.H says:

    The typos slowed me down ; for a moment I was confused but I decided to go with the process of elimination as well

  10. Michelle says:

    Definitely feel better about this one than the October test. I just misjudged the difficult of one of the games and ended up getting in a rut on the one that was pretty hard– only to find out too late I skipped a really easy one. So, didn’t quite finish the section…but hopefully made up for it elsewhere on the test.

  11. Gg Marie says:

    I found the logic games ridiculously easy, I had 2 sections of them and finished all games in both sections with time to spare! Same with logical reasoning. Reading comp was the only stressful part of the exam for me. I was tired towards the end of the test, but overall I expect to do well.
    The only crazy thing that happened was a girl in line who realized she needed a photograph for her admissions ticket. It’s probably better for her that she wasn’t allowed in, I mean if she wasn’t prepared enough to be admitted it’s doubtful that she’d be sufficiently prepared for the test. And in the long run…anything that narrows test day competition is a bonus!

    • Kyle says:

      No no, remember it’s on a curve. We want as many really bad test-takers as possible in that thing.

      • Ian says:

        I don’t believe the test is curved. It is “equated” to give a roughly equal scoring basis across tests that may be a bit harder or easier.

      • Christine says:

        I think the curve is determined before the test is administered…based on how people taking their experimentals did or something

        • Joe says:

          It’s adjusted after the test. LSAC looks at the distribution of raw scores and adjusts the 120-180 scale upwards or downwards so that the new distribution is roughly similar to those of old tests (by adjusting for relative performance, LSAC takes the difficulty of any particular test out of the equation for schools that might be looking at your score).

  12. Jake says:

    I had the test with only 1 logic game section. Did anyone suspect one of the questions itself was wrong? I find it highly unlikely, but I also remember doublechecking to make I had written out the premises correctly. I remember almost everything about this particular game and question.

  13. Mo says:

    Relatively easier than the october 2011 test for sure. I had difficulty with last game but ohh well can’t turn back time. Now waiting begins again. sequence RC,LR,LG,RC,LR

  14. Mrs.H says:

    The lg questions where all correct…sometimes it can be as simple as confusing one word for your answers to be thrown off

  15. Zach says:

    I thought it was easier than expected. Logic games were very easy. Reading comprehension was certainly the most difficult part.

    Question – because I am an idiot, I filled out my Social Security Number incorrectly. I remembered my last 4 digits and had to look for my first 5. Like a complete moron, I put down the first 5 numbers of my license thinking it was my SSN. Does anyone know if this has serious impact on my test? (also, I’m sure everyone is very thankful that THIS is what they are competing against to get into law school.) Any help on the matter would be appreciated.

    • jcore says:

      I’m sure you can cal land contact them and see what you should do. with all the other shit they made us do to prove we’re us, you should be able to fix it. Btw question…this test seemed a bit easier than some practice tests I took leading up to it. I was barely getting to 21 LR questions and on my first LR today I was able to get to think its a fluke and we’re idiots or was it our lucky break ?

    • Jen says:

      During the instruction-reading, they same that filling out the administrative parts incorrectly may delay the release of your results, but definitely doesn’t say anything like “We’re throwing out your test.” I agree with jcore – get in contact with LSAC.

  16. Kyle says:

    I had RC LR LG RC LR. I found the test to be straightforeward like the rest of you, and the two RC I had didn’t seem too bad. The LG section was the one I had a problem with. That last game just threw new off. I had it diagramed a certain way, and then they asked questions differently… So I wasn’t able to get to three of them.

  17. farhana says:

    I was expecting a monster today, but it turned out like any other practice exams. I didn’t find reading comprehension harder than what I’ve been seeing on practice tests. Matt was correct, again-very little diagraming, somewhat brutal in-and-out combo game. Love Blueprint! People were saying how Blueprint is the $#!+ :)Hope this one went well for me.

  18. Nicole says:

    Please let me know if you agree with me! I’m freaking out at how satisfied everyone is lol

    I got 3 LR’s. I thought one of the LR’s was particularly difficult…but I think it’s because they put the harder questions in the very beginning of the section and I wasn’t used to that. For some reason the last game in my section took up a lot of time and I didn’t finish (I usually always finish games). I had to guess on the last 3 questions. The reading comp (which is usually my worst section) actually seemed pretty easy. I didn’t finish as usual but, I only had to guess on like 3 questions…I thought this test was actually harder than October’s LSAT because the LR sections seemed harder and the last game was time-consuming. But judging by everyone’s reactions to it I guess I can only pray for a curve of -11. :[

    • jcore says:

      same here. I’m scared to be confident. I had to RCs, but luckily on the one that counted I managed to somehow finish all 4 readings- I ussually do 3 in 30/32 mins and read the questions for the last one…I don’t know whetehr to think I understood everything and got the questions right, or was just lying to myself. The thing that is getting me though is that I had the experimental one first and I did not get to all 4 in time, and the questioned seemed tougher. The LG’s sections was pretty simple, again I feel good-very good- but I hope it’s not a fluke, theres times I’ve gotten at the most 2 wrong on practice tests and I had the same feeling with the LG sect. But theres LGs that you KNOW you bombed…wdut?

      And as for LR…kinda easier? idk why but almost every PT ive taken I barely get to 20/21 questions, and some how today I was able to get 23 and 24 done.

    • Dana says:

      I am guessing the harder reasoning portion for you was probably experimental! The two that I had were not abnormally bad and I usually find them to be difficult.

  19. Lance says:

    I got unlucky and got hit two 2 reading comps :/. The logic games were a lot simpler than october’s, but with the first being a reading comp, i sort of fumbled it up. For the LR, I had to reread some of the answer choices because some of it didn’t make any grammatical sense. Overall I think it was a bit better, but who knows?

  20. erika says:

    I was laughing because one of Matt’s specific predictions of one of the topics was sort of in one of my logical reasoning questions! Everyone was comparing prep courses and I was the only one that took Blueprint and I kept raving about how amazing the course was. I recommended it to everyone if they were going to take a prep course again.

    The test was way easier than the June 2011 test that I took as a PT. LG was super easy, I was expecting something like mauve dinosaurs or the balls game in June 2011. I thought that the LR sections were pretty easy, nothing difficult besides maybe 1 principle question and lots of flaw questions. I only diagrammed like once but got my free point with that. RC had 2 super easy passages and 1 medium and 1 sort of difficult. My first RC section had all easy passages. Luckily I started the difficult one first. Rushed through the comparative though.

    My order was LR, LG, RC, LR, RC. I think my experimental was the 3rd section. It was way too easy. I can’t believe how confident I was…..all thanks to BP… amazing course!!!!!!

    • Jessica says:

      I had the same order but i’m hoping that the second reading comp was experimental now that LSAC has broken the tradition of the first three being experimental

  21. Terrance says:

    God I’m so scared…I had two LGs. First one was really easy, the second one I bombed. SO hoping it was the first one that counted. If not, then I’ll have to probably retake :(

  22. Gulliver says:

    Reading comp was a doozy! My last two passages were incredibly hard. :(

    • Joe says:

      I completely agree. If it weren’t for the reading comp section I would be incredibly confident. I only really got through two passages. On the last two, I had to skim and make a lot of barely-educated guesses based on what sounded right.

      • Chris says:

        Same thing happened to me. I think I did very well on LG and LR but then my performance on RC, my 5th section, probably killed any chances of improving on my October score (161) by more than a few points.

  23. Alex says:

    The Logic Games were very manageable, Game 4 being the toughest (unfortunately I figured out the entire set up at the last minute…balls.) The LR’s were spaced out definitely, and the experimental LG was SO EASY (I’m thinking they were prototype game 1’s and 2’s for future tests considering I finished in about 25 min).

    Reading comp was insanely difficult, at least in my opinion. The topics were so lame, which didn’t help either. Oh well.

  24. Lauren says:

    I took the October LSAT and scored a 156, on this exam I think I did really well on both LR sections. My problem is for LG I had trouble with the last game, in all I probably ended up guessing on 5-6 of them, and then as everyone else has said trouble on RC, did not get through the last passage because the previous ones were difficult also… Does anyone have any suggestions as to if I should cancel or if I should just see what happens since I have a score to fall back on? (the Oct I felt I did poorly on LG and RC also but did better than I had expected, and on the test today I definitely did better on LR than on Oct)

    • Gulliver says:

      I wouldn’t cancel if I were you. I cancelled my October score only because I was feeling ambitious (I knew that the admissions committee at UT Law prefers to see a cancel over a low first score). If I were you I’d sit back, relax, and wait in hopes of a point increase. Even if it’s a small increase it will still help you out a lot. :)

  25. Terrance says:

    What do you guys think the curve will be? I’m so confused: some people say the LG were easy and others said they were hard. I’m on the hard side…hopefully the curve helps with that. As for the rest, LR seemed normal/almost easier. RC was a little tricky but standard for the level lately.

  26. James says:

    I screwed up on my Logic games. I breezed through the first two games but after reading the third one I decided to skip it and try the fourth…. come to find out the fourth was the hardest. Needless to say, I didn’t finish the fourth one and didnt realize how hard it was until about 2 questions in so i totally guessed the third game and only confidently answered a couple on the fourth…. I’m definitely screwed :( Not to mention I had 2 reading comp sections ( I rocked the first one but struggled with the second one which is the one that counted).

  27. Shiva says:

    I felt confident about the first three sections. Especially the Logic games. I felt like I had gone so fast I missed something, though. Then the last reading comp I had hit me hard and it was difficult to switch gears for the last LR. I was thrown off at the last part which kind of sucked, but I still think I did relatively alright.
    Overall it was a fairly straightforward test. I felt like it went from easy to hard, with the last section being less difficult then the previous (so, kind of like a lopsided bell curve).

    … I hope there’s a nice curve nonetheless. :D

  28. Hank says:

    Remember: Comments that mention specific content from questions or pinpoint experimental sections will not be approved.

    • SC says:

      I need some advice. The last time I took the exam back in 09, I didn’t get any of the questions in LG wrong. However, even the logic games was pretty easy yesterday, I managed to freeze when five minutes was called even though I was exactly where I wanted to be in the section. Somehow, five minutes meant okay, you’re done, you’re screwed and I couldn’t process shit. Anyway so I had to end up guessing on five of the logic games question. I ended up having to guess on five Qs for each section because the five minute call freaked me out, even though I was at exactly where I needed to be at that moment. Anyway, should I cancel? I already have a score that I am not at all crazy about but it’s above 160. I will be still applying to law schools this year, but not really reaching any longer :\

      Will it hurt me if I keep this score and it ends up being lower than my other score?

      What’s sad is that I really enjoy the LSAT and it sucks to do poorly at something you enjoy.

      I think talk about the logic games always being a beast lately just got to me. Ugh, whatever…any advice? CANCEL OR NOT? I feel like I should cancel but I wouldn’t mind not doing it if I had a good reason. It seems like the only thing I can do is cancel, it would be foolish not to.
      ughhh, it was a much easier exam than expected, why the hell did I freeeeze.

      If I had to guess, I got 5-6 of the LR wrong in each section because I guessed but actually let’s say maybe I got 7-8 wrong to be safe
      I got 5 of the LG, because I guessed
      I got 7-10 in the CR, because I guessed 6 and tend to get four wrong on my own. The five minute panic resulted in all this guessing.

      To cancel or not cancel

      I would really appreciate the advice because I’m seriously panicking


  29. UA says:

    It’s time to get depressed until i see my score, there go my happy holidays …

  30. CJ says:

    The Reading Comp section was BRUTAL…period. I’m just nervous but that is to be expected. Not gonna speculate too much because I am a pessimist and I don’t want to jinx myself…

  31. Christine says:

    If we cancel our score, will we still get a copy of the exam and the right answers on our LSAC account?

    • Christine says:

      Another question about cancelling lol… do they retain your writing sample and send it to law schools if you cancel?

      • Gulliver says:

        No. Your answers and writing sample disappear forever in some far away place. You’ll never know how you did nor will anyone else.

    • Gulliver says:

      Yes. It sends you an email that tells you that “Your December 2011 LSAT score is cancelled.” Then you sign on to your LSAC account and you will have 4 PDF files of each section and another PDF file with the answer sheet. It will be available sometime on January 7th. I didn’t get mine until around 10:20 pm for the Oct LSAT.

      • Christine says:

        Thanks! I was hoping the writing sample would carry over since I think I wrote it well…but the score, not so much. Wishful thinking on my part, I guess. At least with the test, I’ll be able to give a guess as to how I would have done if I try to guess out what my answers to all the questions were…

        • Gulliver says:

          I retook my October test to get an idea of what my score would have been. Since I was so stressed, I didn’t remember anything from the exam. It was like taking a new test!

  32. Gulliver says:

    At my testing center the proctor called time 2 mins early at the end of section 3. Many other of the other testers also noticed it too. Should I let LSAC know?

    • Jen says:

      Definitely. I think you have a week-ish to report test center issues.

    • SC says:

      why didn’t you say something at the center? That happened to us. She did it four minutes early, and I thought it was weird and was about to say something but then this other kid spoke up and said something and she gave us the four minutes. She was also really nice and stuck to the rules so maybe we got lucky.

    • Mrs.H says:

      your Only option will be to retest for free

  33. Britney Durham says:

    Test was going pretty well…until my proctor’s cell phone started ringing… RC and games seemed standard. I found the LR to be unusually difficult for some reason.

  34. fatima says:

    I had LR LG LR RC LR so happy! I thought the games were so simple to set up and were alright, except the last game in the section was extremely difficult because I never encountered a game with that scenario, so I was stuck. I ended up guessing on that last game. RC was not as boring as usual but was very difficult.

  35. Jacinta cleary says:

    I did the same as a few others with the logic games! Skipped third one cos it looked hard, struggle with the fourth, went back to 3 with hardly any time and realized it was easy and I coulda nailed it! Very disappointed in myself. The thought if resorting is horrible!
    I was up the front next to where the proctors would hang out and whisper. So annoying!

  36. Eric says:

    I thought the two LR sections were reasonable and fair. RC was difficult. I personally thought the LG section was very difficult (half of it). Let’s hope for a generous curve guys. I hope you all did well!

  37. Justin says:

    SUPER dry reading comp…one of the games were kind of weird…reasoning was chill

  38. Marlena says:

    The second section of games was brutal. $#%^ my life. I’ll probably cancel my score.

  39. Andrew says:

    This board is so back and forth haha. Many say games were super easy. Many say it was tricky. If my practice feelings can be indicative of this games, I thought it was easier-moderate. Alot of folks are saying easy LR overall, while many are saying one LR section was very difficult. I thought one LR sections was harder than normal too. RC always sucks. Plain and Simple. The topics were a bit more interesting than normal, I think. But seriously, I thank God I didn’t have to suffer a practice section of RC. It comes down to a generous curve, for all of our sakes. December is suppose to be the most lenient. At the same time, the curve usually does indicate the ease of the test and I personally think this test was flat out no harder/easier than usual. I think a scale at around -25 for 160. What does everyone else think the scale will be? I use the 160 scale because I don’t touch 170 haha.

  40. Nikki says:

    I don’t know how to feel about the test. My test was LR LG LR LR RC. I was drained by the time the RC started. Like everyone else, there was one particularly hard passage in RC. I am so hoping that my second LR was the experimental. Is it me, or did it seem like one of the LR sections was pretty easy? I finished the entire thing, and thought to myself that was too easy. Then there was one that was extremely hard to me. I thought to myself it didn’t have as much of a mix of questions as the other 2 LR sections. Oddly enough that one is the one I think I did the worst on, and I am so hoping that was the experimental. The LG which are usually my best section were ok, although there was one game that kind of threw me a little. I didn’t finish the LG like I thought I would. On one of the LR sections, that seemed really hard I finished most of it, but the last 5 or 6 I just guessed on. I don’t know how to feel. I was thinking about canceling it, but if that one LR section wasn’t experimental then that one should boost my score. I so wish they had the option to cancel your score, but still see your score!! LSAC makes you pay for everything else, so they should make that an option for a fee!! I am just glad it is over, and I am going to take my chances. Best of luck to everyone!

    • Jen says:

      I had the same set up, and yes – one of the LRs was really easy (I finished with minutes to spare and could actually go back to problems – I’ve never had time to do that before) and one of them was unusually difficult. I also had to just fill in bubbles for 4-5 problems. Fingers crossed!

  41. Donnie says:

    Were there any numbers or statistics logical reasoning arguments?

  42. Fatima says:

    I agree the RC was not boring as usual, but nonetheless boring! Lots and lots of flaw questions! Thank god Matt had done most of them in the videos otherwise I would’ve been completely lost… I remember lots of MBT and flaw questions. I really hope the first LR was experimental because I found it difficult, the questions were like paragraph length and that was the first 10!

  43. Michael says:

    Here are my impressions of the test.

    I had 3 LR sections, and I thought 2 of them were extremely easy. I took a ton of practice former tests and these 2 LR sections were some of the easiest I’ve seen. The other LR section, which I’m hoping is the experimental, I found more difficult than average. But not terribly hard.

    In my practice tests, I have ALWAYS struggled with logic games questions. I would score in the upper 160’s on my practice tests but most of my missed questions game from the logic games questions. But this one was easy. I felt like I found the correct answer in all the questions except the last two of the section and on those I made educated guesses because I was near the end of time.

    The reading comprehension… I’d say it was definitely harder than average. Didn’t do well on this section I don’t think and it will probably drag down my score. Before this ambush on the reading comprehension section, because it was 5th for me, I was dreaming of a mid 170s score I think, lol

  44. Michael says:

    Oh, and something weird did happen at the test. Right before we were about to start and the proctor was reading instructions, someone threw up in the back of the room.

    I don’t think he ever came back, it got on his clothes and they had to move the kids around him.

    One guy said it smelled like bananas and that got the class to laugh, release some stress before it started.

  45. Carolina says:

    I made the stupid mistake of forgetting to use the answer sheet for the first section. That’s how nervous I was. I had two LG sections and I found my first one to be much easier than the second one. RC was brutal! I had to guess in the last passage…
    When will we be able to talk about specific questions and answers? or do we have to wait until the scores are released?

  46. Michael says:

    Oh and I just have one question for those who have taken this test in the past… did it really take over a month to report the scores? I’m hoping that their January 6th date is just a worst case scenario and that they’ll have our scores up by Christmas! Anyone know from experience whether those report dates are accurate?

    • Gulliver says:

      Me too!

      • Seth says:

        Yeah, I want to know as well. Over a month? They could easily release the scores in 3 weeks, just before Christmas. On the bright side, I have vacation between then and new years, and the anticipation will make it seem like it’s lasting way longer.

    • LS says:

      I took the October LSAT and they only released our scores like 2 days before the scheduled release date. My sense is they usually release the scores a couple days earlier than the date they say, but never much earlier than that, so I definitely wouldn’t count on scores by Christmas.

    • Eugene says:

      If you look at the past release dates they usually always release the scores 3-5 days before the actual date. But the December exam scores have traditionally been released earlier than the other test dates. And also this year the December exam occurred earlier than the recent past. So there’s a chance we’d get them by christmas but it’s more likely that they’ll be released sometime between 12/30 and 1/4

  47. Am says:

    My predicament:

    1st section- LG: Relatively straightforward unless I was very oblivious to what the games were asking.

    2nd section – LR: Had to go to the restroom throughout this entire section. Answered everything but definitely started panicking towards the end. I would say I was unsure about 3 -4 problems, not because they were difficult since I remember seeing those formats on practice exams but because I was under time pressure and had to pee.

    3rd section – LG: Slightly harder than first but doable. I like LG more than LR.

    4th section – RC: Put an answer down for everything but definitely slightly trickier than some other RC’s especially the last two passages.

    5th section – LR: Much better than the 1st LR. I know I put the wrong answer down for at least two of them but everything else I wasn’t tripping over.

    To cancel or not: I feel the only section I had a little difficult with was the 1st LR towards Q. 18. Seeing that everyone is saying that LR was easy and RC was hard I am thinking that the curve will be pretty tough on this exam so I’m looking to cancel. Any thoughts?

    • Gulliver says:

      Unless you were trying for something in the 170s, I wouldn’t cancel if I were you. It sounds like your response is pretty standard if not better than most of the other test takers. I pretty sure that I completely bombed RC and there were at least 5 questions from each LR section that gave me trouble. As for LG, they weren’t too bad. I skipped around and did the games with the most answers first, but only had 5 minutes to do my last game (I think the 2nd one). I’d relax if I were you. I’m sure you did better than you think you did.

      • Am says:

        Hmm good point. However, those questions I was unsure about were the only ones I KNEW I was unsure about.

        I’m sure I made other mistakes throughout the test. I’m not planning on going to law school straight off the bat so I’m deciding.

        Oh well, I guess I’ll have to wait and see then.

        Thanks for the reply!

      • Am says:

        Also, I’m aiming for at least 170.

  48. testaker113 says:

    i dont even know where to start in terms of the test.. mostly because of our proctor. the exam started over 45 mins late as she did not have the “materials”- and so we were all waiting around (and a girl threw up from nervousness in the hallway while we were lined up for the 3rd time to get in.. awesome!) we started the exam about an hour and fifteen minutes late and by that time my bladder was going nuts.. i was 10 mins into my first section (reading comp- it was brutal!) and realized i needed to pee.. it was awful. i totally panicked and thought that was the end for me as i would have to go to the washroom…i was bombing the RC and trying to decide if i should just go to the washroom and suck up the loss… then, a miracle happened. the proctor (who did not have a time keeping device), accidentally gave us FIVE minutes extra (she was calculating time based on the clock on the wall and mixed up…) when i looked at my watch and realized it had been 35 mins and we were getting 5 extra mins i raised my hand and rushed to the bathroom. i came back with enough time to go over the last questions on the first section.

    the proctor was unreal. she could barely collect and redistribute the tests and was so lax it was disturbing to people.. she didnt formally tell us when we should start.. she would just say “turn to section one and you have 35 mins” and people would be like “did you say go?!” it was the most unstandardized LSAT i have ever taken.. our break was about forty five mins by the time she collected and redistributed the tests.. (she also managed to find a “timer” from the college we were writing at so began using an “official lsat timer.” it was a joke! i honestly think she was intoxicated or something.. she kept saying strange jokes and was not doing ANY oversight to make sure people were putting down their pencils, looking ahead at sections, etc… (both of which were occurring because the conditions were SO lax).

    we didnt finish the end of the writing sample until well after 3pm as it took forever to collect the exams and hand out the writing samples, etc… this woman should never proctor an LSAT again. i lucked out with the xtra 5 for bathroom break, but wow.. her proctoring threw many for a loop!

    • Hank says:

      I edited out your comments about the experimental section but put the rest up because it was an outstanding post otherwise.

      • Matt says:

        How do you know which section was the experimental section? My test layout was RC/LR/LG/RC/LR. I really would like the forst RC to be the graded section, as that second one really threw off my confidence… even leading into the last LR section, I was still flustered

    • Mike says:

      Wow, that is not good. Can you please report all of these things to the LSAC? I would prefer if they just throw your session out of the grading curve since the increased time and lax probably would improve everyone’s score since most people had trouble finishing the RC section.

      • Gulliver says:

        The proctor called time 2 minutes early at my testing center! I don’t know if I should let LSAC know.

        • Skinner1 says:

          Definately report the loss of time to LSAC. The last 2 minutes are very profitable in most sections .. that’s when I save my hardest problems for, and oftentimes returning to them, the answer becomes clear.

          They should give you a free re-take.

  49. Donnie says:

    Any numbers or percentages flaws?

  50. Scott says:

    I had LG LR LG RC LR. The first set of LG were extremely difficult for me, the second set was much simpler I felt. My score is dependent upon the experimental being the first set of LG.

  51. Skinner1 says:

    OMG my testing experience was horrid & the proctors were THE WORST. First off, the proctor lady had real issues bcs I had stuck my extra pencils in my bra for easy access — well, with a desk size of 17″ wide by 10″ long, where else WAS I to put them??? She just couldn’t get over how I managed the situation & remanded me on four separate occasions longly and loudly how I was going to impail myself on these dangerous instruments — WTH — like I was born yesterday, right? I guess if I was seriously considering suicide, it would certainly be BEFORE engaging in the LSAT.. I mean MG who would endure that as their last rite of passage (pun intended). I guess that’s what you get for drawing the unlucky straw and get to sit up front…

    Then during the test, while I was deeply engaged in a knotty RC section, the other proctor stood near my desk and practically shouted, “You have to leave. Put down your test materials!!” I was so startled! I looked up arealized he was evicting the gal next to me who proclaimed, “But why?” and stormed out. This ruckus lasted long enough and disconcerted me to such an extent that I was unable to do well on the rest of the section. The other proctor chased the girl out into the hall and lo and behold she was back in for the rest of the test. This same gal finished early on all of her sections, put her pencil down loudly and sat straight up in her seat staring around the room to alert everyone that SHE had finished the test early.. and since she was rustling about so vigorously right next to me, it also ruined the last minutes of each remaining section for me.

    In the end, there was one gal signed the cancellation box, but forgot to fill in the two bubbles, and the lady proctor called her out by name and told her, “I see you signed the cancelation box, but you forgot to fill in the bubbles,” at which the gal (apparently embarrassed) stated she hadn’t meant to sign THAT box, and erased it…

    All in all a horrible experience and incredibly bad proctoring. On all practice tests, I scored 168-172, but I left this test without a clue as to how I did.. I guess at this point I’m considering canceling, and I’m sooooo frustrated bcs there goes my planned Sept 2013 entrance. I’m considering going to another town to retake as these same set of proctors handle all LSATs in my city.

    What I have not yet considered is impailing myself on those dangerous pencils…. is that preferable to canceling?

  52. Eugene says:

    Took the 2011 October Exam, got a 165 and decided to retake the exam in December to try and shoot for a 170+.

    I had LR, LG, LR, LR, CR and the exam was definitely way easier than the October exam. There were some tricky traps in some of the LR problems that I managed to avoid, but not sure which one of sections was my experimental. Critical Reading is usually my strongest and i usually finish in under 26 minutes but I was stuck on the last CR problem for a full 6 minutes. The games seemed pretty straight forward. Can only hope for the best.

    • Eugene says:


      While this test was easier…the curve for the percentiles won’t actually differ that much since the percentiles are drawn by comparing all the tests from the past 3 years. So any shift in difficulty for this individual test wouldn’t make much of a difference.

  53. Matt says:

    I agree with Eugene about the final CR passage.

    I was very strong in practice tests on CR, but, perhaps because my sleep the night before was the test was only 80%, and my cognitive ability is very sleep-correlated, I found the final CR passage to be almost incomprehensible.

    I believe I picked up some points on this passage it by brute force, but this was the first CR passage I’ve ever encountered where I simply coudn’t follow the main thrust and flow of the presentation – again, this inability may have been fatigue-based on my part, but I did fine on the LT section afterwards, so some of it must have been due to the passage itself.

  54. Steve says:

    I had two Lg sections, for those of you who also had 2 LG sections, how many questions did you have. I had 22 and 24 question respectively.

  55. mjn says:

    I had 2 reading comps and found them very easy, however the logic game threw me off.

    In you opinion does it look bad to admission counselors to see 3 lsat scores? I have one from 2008, December 2011 and I’m retaking in February? What do you guys think?

  56. Megan says:

    I am terrified to see my score..Seriously. I left the test site not knowing which way I stood, whether I did good or not. It was myself and one other girl taking the test, and she kept getting up and running out of the room to puke..I could hear it as the bathroom was only a few doors down from the room and it was LOUD. One of the proctor’s kept getting on her phone and I’m guessing was texting.. She also kept leaving the room and at one point I heard her RIGHT outside the room talking to a man and a loud child was there as well. I was so distracted, I’m pretty upset by it. Every time her phone would vibrate or she’d leave the room just got my train of thought all messed up. I can’t fault the sick girl, she couldn’t help it. The proctor? She should have known better.

  57. Cheri says:

    I took both the October and the December LSATs. I agree that the Logic games seemed easy. I also agree that the Reading Comprehension sections were challenging. Nonetheless, I’m still optimistic that I’ll do better on the December test than on the October test. Hopefully a lot better!

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