Our End of Year Sale is On!

Merry Day After, law school candidates. We’d like to hope that your post-holiday hangover isn’t too bad. You may be flush with cash from Christmas/Hanukkah/Pagan Yule rituals, but sort of upset at yourself for indulging in the second helping of roast fowl or third of eggnog.

Well, we have a way to take that extra cash and do something truly healthful for yourself. Something to start the next year off on the right foot.

Even through eyes made bleary by brandy and dairy, you can likely see where this is going. We’re having iur End of Year Sale, to make studying for the LSAT in 2018 as productive as possible for you. We’re offering big discounts on our classroom courses, our online course, and our prep books, now through January 1st at 9:00 am PST.

If you’d like to study under the tutelage of an instructor who mastered the LSAT and is ready to help you do the same, then check out our classroom course. We have these in-person classes for each LSAT administration in locations all across the nation. Students average an industry-leading 11-point increase from their first to best practice exam in these courses, so you’ll be giving yourself the best chance to succeed on the LSAT. We’re offering $200 off any classroom course right now — just use the promo code GOODBYE2017 when you enroll online.

Or if you’d prefer to learn at your own pace, the online course will cover the same material as the classroom course through lesson videos taught by Blueprint founds Matt and Trent, accessible any time via your online student account or our iOS app. The online course is available as a monthly subscription, and we’re offering $100 off the first month’s payment with promo code HELLO2018 when you enroll online.

Or, for the old school print-and-bound book types, we’re offering both of our amazing LSAT Prep Books at a 40% discount over at Amazon. These two books — The Blueprint for LSAT Reading Comprehension and The Blueprint to LSAT Logic Games — will take you step-by-step through Blueprint’s bulletproof system for tackling the Reading Comp and Logic Games sections of the LSAT. These books are available for the all-time low price of $39, only at Amazon. We know someone gave you an Amazon gift card this holiday season, so put that thing to good use.

Remember, all of these sales will be offered only until January 1st at 9:00 am PST. So take a little of that holiday capital and make 2018 the year you destroy the LSAT.

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