February 2012 LSAT Blog Carnival

It’s been two full days since the February LSAT, but people are still talking about it. How hard was that reading comp section? Did LSAC slip the experimental section in another rare spot? What about the fact that is appears to have been only 100 questions long (as opposed to the usual 101)?

To find out what the people are saying about Saturday’s LSAT test day, let’s take a look around the blogosphere in another magical installment of the Most Strongly Supported Blog Carnival — 2012 February LSAT-style:

Brenda here was so pumped to get the damn test over with she turned into a cat. Savannah just wanted a 168. And Sasha is relieved to be at the conclusion of a long journey.

Gary recalled his February LSAT test day experience in detail, including how he rocked the writing sample and how a trip to the urinal took him exactly 1 minute, 24 seconds (he timed it).

Lastly, here’s a heartwarming blog post by Adilene about her husband taking the February LSAT.

That sums things up for bloggers regarding the February 2012 LSAT. Fewer people take the February LSAT than any of the three other LSAC administrations a year, and fewer LSAT test takers = fewer LSAT bloggers. But if you have a blog post about Saturday’s exam, feel free to link to it in the comments.

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  1. I M says:

    I just took the Sabbath observer’s test, and I must say THANK YOU to Blueprint and the amazing instructor I had! I was as prepared as one can be for this test, 3 LRs, 1 LG and 1 RC, (LR, LG, LR, LR, RC). There was a game that was weird because it masked itself as a different type of game, but the entire experience was as good as it gets.

    Timing was good, no curve balls, I am not sure which LR was experimental, my only clue would be that there was a #2 on LR that was a really weird weaken (none of the answers really weakened the argument). Otherwise, I gotta give major props to all the BP people who taught me the skill. Could not have done it without your support, humor and comprehensive material.

    Thanks again!!!

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