On This Holiest of Cyber Mondays, Don’t Miss Out on Our Holiday Sale!

Cyber … it’s not just a word we thought would be much more prevalent back in the 90s. It’s also the descriptor for today’s Monday. Because today’s Monday is not like any other Monday. Today’s Monday is down to cyber, which means something very different to us early Millennials (b. 1983-1988) than it does to the mid to late Millennials (b. 1988-1997) who elected to make “sext” their portmanteau of choice.

Anyway, today being Cyber Monday means that, if you’ve ever purchased anything online, your inbox is being inundated with promotions for mass-produced wares from multi-national chains thirsty to meet year-end revenue projections. Or, for a few somehow even more annoying companies (I’m looking at your REI), you’re getting emails vigorously advertising how this enlightened corporation is totally not engaging in this late capitalistic charade.

We at Blueprint like to take the middle ground. So instead of desperately imploring you to take advantage of our great Holiday Sale going on this week, we merely suggest that you continue reading to learn about the great resources we can offer you. And instead of demanding you delay late-capitalism’s death rattle with another holiday season of conspicuous consumption, we humbly request that you consider investing in your (or your loved one’s) future with our products.

So for our Holiday Sale, you can give yourself or a lawyer-to-be-loved-one the gift of knowledge with our guidebooks on the Logic Games and Reading Comprehension sections of the LSAT. Both guidebooks are being offered for 40% off on Amazon until Monday at 11:59 pm PST. That deadline’s tonight, so don’t delay on getting these books at an all-time low price of $39.00.

The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games is an invaluable resource for anyone trying to master the infamous Logic Games section of the LSAT. You didn’t major in Logic Games with a concentration in Spatial Reasoning and Direction Following, so you could probably use a framework to approach this intimidating section. This book will provide you with a great approach, giving you the tools to set up and solve any game that the exam might throw at you. No one is perfect at these games — except for Blueprint co-founder and The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games author Matt Riley, who has never missed a single question on a logic game — but this book will get you as close to perfection as possible. Additionally, once you purchase this book we’ll hook you up with an account to our website, which will allow you to watch HD video explanations for every game in the tome.

The Blueprint for Reading Comprehension is a boon to anyone stuck on Reading Comprehension, an oft-overlooked section of the LSAT. But since this section has more questions than any other on the LSAT, and since this section is only getting more difficult on recent exams, it’s crucial to have a solid approach to Reading Comp. While many believe it’s impossible or impractical to expect to improve on RC, author and Blueprint co-founder Jodi Teti will show you how to read the structure of these passages. Once you’re able to master this approach, you’ll be able to tackle LSAT passages about, say, anything from twentieth-century lacquer artist Eileen Gray to recent neurological research’s impact on David Hume’s theory of soft determinism to the moral question of whether judges must sincerely believe what they write in their rulings. As with the Logic Games guidebook, you’ll get an account to our website by purchasing the Reading Comprehension book, giving you access to HD video explanations for every passage from the book.

Alternatively, you could give yourself the gift of camaraderie and sage guidance with a $200 discount off any classroom course currently posted on our website. By signing-up for one of our live, in-person courses, you’ll join an army of students who average an 11-point increase to their LSAT scores by being taught by the best instructors in the biz and through the top online resources on the market. This sale will go on through Sunday, December 3rd at 11:59 pm PST. Just use the promo code HOLIDAY200 when you enroll in any Winter, Spring, or Summer course.

So that’s our pitch for this Cyber Monday. If you’re interested in increasing your LSAT score and getting into your first choice law school, consider taking advantage of these limited-time offers. Again, you have until tonight to get the discount off our guidebooks and until next Sunday to get the discount on our classroom course. Happy Cybering, everyone.

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