October Caption Contest: Win a Free ‘Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games’ + Additional Swag


Studying for the LSAT got you down? Fear not! Blueprint’s giving away some swag that can make that process less daunting!

Comment below with a funny LSAT or prelaw-related caption for the above photo, and you could win a free copy of The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games. We’ll announce one winner — picked by the Blueprint LSAT Prep staff — next week right here on the LSAT blog.

Limit one entry per person. Previous Blueprint LSAT Prep contest winners are ineligible.

Remember to keep your comment funny but unoffensive. If you need inspiration, here are some previous caption contests we’ve run on the LSAT blog.

Caption away!

12 Responses

  1. Roshan Patel says:

    When you get home after the October LSAT and realize you misread a rule…

  2. Kassandra Aleman says:

    When you realize Elle Woods went from a 143 to 179 and you got a 146 for not choosing Blueprint.

  3. Audrey Feaster says:

    The face you make when you realize you should’ve used blueprint prep before you took your LSAT

  4. Hongyu Wang says:

    Even LSAC loves pumpkins

    Pretest 72. Q9. Pumpkins grow in areas with long, cold winters, even though these areas have a shorter growing season, and even though frost can damage pumpkins. Other, warmer regions could grow pumpkins.

  5. Zara says:

    ” Dealing with tough questions in the LSAT make me feel so hollow.”

  6. Shelby Huffman says:

    I’ll never be the Great Pumpkin if I don’t use Blueprint.

  7. Shelby Huffman says:

    I’ll never be the Great Pumpkin without Blueprint Prep.

  8. Andrew Case says:

    When you turn the page and its another art history passage in reading comprehension…

  9. Kim Styles says:

    Didnt use Blueprint , My spirit is ‘Squash’ed

  10. Nijha says:

    The moment you realize the lsat’s is more than what you carved out for -_-

  11. Grace says:

    I got pumpkin’d on LSAT. #MoreTrickThanTreat

  12. Crystal says:

    Today my plans include rotting, bemoaning, and then I’ll buy Blueprint to ace my LSAT!

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