September 2016 LSAT: Instant Recap


Ack! It’s over. Alright, here’s a sample of what we know:

Logic Games

It appears that there is widespread pandemonium regarding a Logic Game about computer viruses. This information has come from people who did not have an extra Logic Games section, meaning that this game was the real deal and will factor into your score. Please tell us what you know below.

Reading Comp

Reading Comp wasn’t too much more difficult than usual, although there were apparently some tough questions associated with a passage about a lacquer artist. Again, if you had that passage, that was likely the real Reading Comp section.

Logical Reasoning

Apparently people got caught up on a stimulus about misunderstanding a word (ironic, isn’t it?) This was the real deal.

Experimental Sections

If you had two Reading Comp or Logic Games sections, one of those was the experimental. If you had three Logical Reasoning sections, one of them was the experimental. These appear to be experimental sections:

Reading Comp

-Multiverse/Big Bang
-Something about alien civilizations
-European Union competition law

Logic Games

Information is slight so far. Will update.

Logical Reasoning

-Loggerhead turtles
-Toddlers and puppets (don’t ask)
-Plastic in the ocean

For more info, see the LSAT subreddit.

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17 Responses

  1. jessica says:

    meh i had the experimental LG section… trying to remember but i think i may have blacked out…

  2. Nicole says:

    I had that computer viruses game… I think it was a really weird mapping game? I really couldn’t figure it out though…

  3. Susan Hidalgo says:

    Woahhh… where did all of those strengthen questions come from?
    And just when I thought that I didn’t have to study sufficient assumption and necessary assumptions that much.. wrong wrong wrong
    I also found a CRUX!!!
    Logic games were pretty tough for me. Something about a group of guys working in different areas of work. 3 areas, labor, marketing and practice or something like that. 5 guys, 3 areas.. had to play my numbers
    Finally, the other logic game killed me. It was about how some towns had to be visited from Monday-Friday. 5 days, 6 towns… played my numbers and had to use scenarios, if I remember correctly

  4. Ian says:

    I had sections in this order LR, RC, LR, LR, and LG. I had loggerhead turtles and I believe it was in either section 3 or 4.

    I also had the computer virus game, it was game 4 and was definitely a odd game. It gave the impression it was a ordering game at first but it was definitely a neither game. I couldn’t really figure it out to be honest, but it was only 5 questions so if you bombed it, it wasn’t too bad.

    Reading comp was “OK”… Except for passage 2 which was Eileen Gray and her artwork which was incredibly boring and had some pretty odd questions.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I definitely had the computer virus problem. One virus went through 6 different computers. Each computer could have transferred it to two others max, and there were only a few limitations. The rules didn’t prohibit that many possibilities, so it was basically figuring out what the order could have been of the virus spreading given the few parameters.

  6. Suzan says:

    I had LR, RC, LR, LR, LG. For some reason I don’t remember a question about loggerhead turtles, I may be just blacking out but I don’t know. For those who had 3 LR sections did it go 26, 25, 25? Because I have been hearing that people had 2 26 LR sections and I’m kind of freaking out thinking I may have skipped the last question for one of them….or is it just different for everybody?

    The RC sucked and is definitely the section I’m most concerned about (screw Eileen Grey). I thought the games were pretty straightforward aside from the one about computer viruses. I got through 3 of the games without too much hassle so I’m hoping it’ll make up for bombing the last game.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ditto. The first three games went by fairly nicely with a few quick scenarios. I know one of them made you play the numbers… I think it was the one with the 5 teaching assistants teaching 3 different courses. I thought I was home free until I turned the page and saw this three-legged mutant of a game staring back at me. I just went through and tried to eliminate answers that were obviously wrong based on the rules and some rough diagramming and prayed for daylight. I never really planned on being able to do all four games properly anyway, so this wasn’t too much of a blow for me. I’m very comfortable with my weakness in logic games lol

    • Breanna says:

      Hi! I had LR RC LR LR LG too and it was 26-25-25 for me in terms of LR. I don’t remember the turtles question either, but I thought maybe the first section was experimental? It’s been hard to tell from everything online.

  7. Caitlin says:

    The order of my sections was: LG LR RC, then LG LR. In my second logic games section, I had the computer virus game. I made a pentagon-shaped setup for the five computers, but I didn’t feel like I had a good handle on the game. The other games were fine for me. Logical Reasoning was good. I had a lot of Resolve questions (2-3 per section), but nothing was hard or weird for me. I found the one section of RC more challenging than usual, but I believe that was because I spent too much time on my first passage and then had to speed up for the rest of them (I had the lacquer passage).

  8. Anonymous says:

    I took the June as well as today’s and there are a lot more Resolve questions now than in any practice test I’ve taken! Luckily they weren’t too hard and many of them were in 1-10. But I was very surprised to see those almost as much as +, – and assumptions.

  9. Anonymous says:

    What are questions similar to those on yesterday’s test? The zephyr plane question was relatively similar to the virus question.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I had 3 LR sections and was wondering if anyone had an LR section that had an odd answer choice pattern? I don’t remember the questions much, but I just remember freaking out because I got 4 D’s and then 4 B’s or something like that. Does this ring a bell?!

  11. Hunter says:

    I took the LSAT on Saturday and the first 4 sections go great. LR, RC, LR, LR. Then, two minutes before the end of section four, a fire alarm goes off. We are led outside for 20 minutes, then brought back into the room where we wait for an hour. The entire time the alarm repeats and a bright light flashes like a strobe. After two hours they decide they walk us to a different building at the college and we waited for another group of test takers to finish and then blended our group with another into this new, larger room.
    When it’s all said and done, it’s an hour and forty minutes later before we resume the test. When we jump into the final section, which was of Games, I’m completely fried. I run through the first two Games pretty well, I think, but then when I got into the third things began to get tougher and my focus was shot. I’m worried that I totally screwed up on the second half of the section, particularly Game 4 which was the Computer mapping virus Game that, looking back, I’m pretty sure was written in German.

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