Your June 2017 LSAT Instant Reaction


Best of luck to all the June LSAT takers out there! Check back here after exam for information on the test, to add any information you know about the exam, or to just unwind after the grueling exam (we’re here for you) in the comment section below. We’ll be updating throughout the day.

And in the meantime, check out this post to quell your nerves before the exam.

An important note: LSAC prohibits us from publishing any big specifics from any LSAT (this includes individual questions/answers, trying to identify the experimental section, etc.). So if your comment is removed, it most likely violated some kind of rule or was close enough that we didn’t want to risk it. Here’s a pretty good guide for what’s acceptable.

Update: Check out our full rundown of the June 2017 LSAT here!

8 Responses

  1. Jessica says:

    Wow. The first logical reasoning section on this exam was the hardest logical reasoning section I’ve ever seen on an LSAT, but the other two were easy. Reading had 3 easy passages and one that was the hardest passage and set of questions I’ve ever seen in RC. As for logic games: the easiest games I’ve done. Ever. Total opposite of what I expected on everything and I was thrown off. My first LSAT and I will retake if I don’t break 170. I hope everyone did well.

    • Greg says:

      Totally agree. First section really threw me off. Extremely challenging. The rest wasn’t so bad.

    • kC says:

      The first logical reasoning section on this exam was easier to me I actually thought the other two were more difficult

    • Andrew says:

      I’m just praying that the brutal LR section was the experimental. On my test version I had 3 LR, and the first one felt like driving into a mud bog with a 2WD vehicle. On the bright side, the remaining two were breezy in comparison. Honestly, the rest of the exam felt easier. Just hoping the first one doesn’t count. Denial isn’t only a river in Egypt! One way or the other: it’s done!

  2. lindsay says:

    Yeah I wrote the test today too, however I had logic games as my experimental section. I found the first LG easy except for the last question which was really hard. The second LG was super easy. Overall I found the LR quite easy so hopefully your hard LR was your experimental.

  3. lia says:

    I had 2 LG sections, 2 LR sections, and 1 RC section. Pretty sure I bombed (first time taking), but I’m going to stay optimistic. I already have the September date in my calendar, just in case! RC is just not easy for me. I’m a sloppy anxious reader. I feel really good about both LR sections. As for the LG…. the first section I had was easy enough, the LG section (I am hoping it was the mystery section) was throwing me way way way off! I’m not going to beat myself up about it. It was my first time taking it, and I know that by September I will be making an excellent score.

  4. Elle Hatfield says:

    I had an experimental LG section. The RC was kind of challenging -two passages anyway- & threw me off a bit. The two LR sections were suspiciously easy. I ran out of time after completing 3 logic lames (as I did on PTs) but the games were mixed as far as difficulty. I’m thinking I scored above the mean but I could be wrong. If I have to retake, I’ll nail it.

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