Logical Reasonings

/ 12.17.10

A) Michael Moore bails out Julian Assange of Wikileaks. His justification is a really interesting read. Daily Beast.

B) Guy in Chicago who has no money is still donating to charity daily. Huffington Post.

C) Miley Cyrus wasn’t smoking marijuana. She was smoking something that has the exact same effect as marijuana. Above the Law.

D) Is the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy the most outdated part of American society? If not that, then what? New York Times.

E) Congress votes to extend tax cuts, Obama signs it into law. George Bush is still the president. CNN.

One Response

  1. Salvia says:

    As anyone who has ever smoked salvia before knows, it is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING LIKE MARIJUANA. Salvia is more like a real hallucinogen than marijuana, where you feel as though you have left reality. Above the Law should have talked to someone who has tried the drug before writing that article.

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