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An Easy Guide to Quantified Logic

If you’ve been studying for the LSAT for a while, you’re well acquainted with combining “all” statements, such as, “All fast food burgers are unhealthy,” or, “Doing well on the LSAT requires sacrificing your social life.” And to be honest, as long as you’re proficient with those types of statements, you’ll be A-OK on the LSAT.

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Dispatches from Law School: Choosing Your Study Group

Study groups are probably one aspect of law school you didn’t even know you needed to worry about (and you shouldn’t worry), but reflecting on my 1L year so far, I’ve had a great study group experience that I attribute to being very lucky, rather than to being prepared. I need to leave the bigger questions about “finding your law school community” and “acing law school exams” for another day (whenever I master those for myself), but I nonetheless have a fresh perspective on study groups to share with all the future 1L’s.

Logical Reasonings / 4.26.19

A. Are the law students making GOT-themed memes? Yes, the law students are making GOT-themed memes. Above the Law

B. The law student on this season of Survivor — who nicknamed himself “Wardog” for some reason — was voted off the island in this week’s episode. Above the Law

C. The LGBT Bar — not a watering hole for LGBTQ people, but an association of LGBTQ legal professionals and students – compiled a list of how law schools are promoting inclusivity. LGBT Bar

D. A law firm is ponying up $1 million per year to sponsor pre-law students do nonprofit work. Bloomberg Law

E. Public defenders are tasked with representing any criminal defendant thrown their way … but even they apparently have their limits. ABA Journal

Logical Reasonings / 4.24.19

A. Last reminder! Tonight, 11:59 pm EDT, is the deadline to register for the June LSAT. LSAC

B. This is the last LSAT that will definitely be given to you in its traditional, paper-and-pencil format, so if you don’t sign up, you should at least start playing around with the digital LSAT. LSAC

C. Cornell Law alum Frank Langrais was one of the 400 firefighters who were battling the flames that damaged Notre Dame. Cornell

D. Congrats to those who took the February 2019 New York bar exam. The results are out, and it was the highest passage rate among first-time takers from ABA-accredited schools since 2014. Above the Law

E. Government attorneys are not only less compensated than their private sector counterparts — sometimes they also contract flea-borne diseases from their workplace. LA Times

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Tips for the Dreaded “Substitute a Rule” Questions on Logic Games

If you’ve been playing logic games for long enough, you surely know the feeling: You’re cruising through the game, the questions seemingly answering themselves. A quick check of the rules here, a reference to your scenarios there — it’s all that’s needed to get through the questions. If you’re really feeling yourself, you might mutter something like, “They call me the ‘submarine sandwich,’ because I’m on a freaking roll” (Or … maybe that’s just me). Anyway, you’re feeling great.