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Another Law School May Be Closing Its Doors

Things are looking very dire for the students of Western State College of Law at Argosy University. As if its name could afford to be any longer, this school will probably be referred to as “the Beleaguered Western State College of Law at Argosy University” whenever it’s brought up this year.

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Getting Prepared for the Digital LSAT

Let’s say you have some plans to take the LSAT this year. Perhaps they’re not, technically speaking, plans, more a nebulous and ill-defined notion that you should take the LSAT this year. You missed the January exam already, and the March exam is, frankly, coming way too fast to get adequately prepared. You’re considering taking the June 3rd exam, but that’s close to finals and a million other obligations, so you’re not sure that’s the best time to take the test.

Logical Reasonings / 3.6.19

A. Admissions consultant Mike Spivey posted the leaked 2020 U.S. News & World Report law school rankings. Not a lot of movement in the top 14, but congrats to Florida, UC Davis, and Georgia for making big jumps in the rankings. Spivey Consulting

B. Speaking of rankings, a new study shows that the prestige of a law school is a major consideration for only some applicants. Inside Higher Ed

C. At law schools of all rankings, it can be difficult to acquire the mental health support the school requires. Here’s a first-hand account. Above the Law

D. Today in They Don’t Teach You That in Your Professional Ethics Class: As a judge, you can’t speak about “God’s verdict.” ABA Journal

E. Also Today in They Don’t Teach You That in Your Professional Ethics Class: Stealing $760 comes with a three-year suspension. Above the Law

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Retaking the LSAT: Do Schools Average Your Scores? Would It Look Bad Taking the More than Once? Can You Take the Test “Too Many” Times?

If you have multiple LSAT scores, will law school admissions officers hold that against you? Will they average multiple scores? Will they view you having to take the LSAT multiple times as a sign that you lack the intellect, the preparation, the acumen to be a law student? Is taking the LSAT more than once a moral failure?

These are questions that anyone who is even adjacent to the law school admissions process gets constantly (well, maybe not the last one).

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Should I Take the GRE, GMAT, or LSAT?

Remember when you were in high school and told repeatedly that the ACT or SAT was “the big one” that determined your future? That was a lie. To get into law school the single number that will most impact your future is your LSAT score. But there are two other big graduate school standardized tests: the GRE and the GMAT. Should you worry about taking these?