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Kai’s LSAT Story: How I Got My 177

Today’s post comes to us from Kai, a former Blueprint student who is currently in the midst of the law school application process, and was recently admitted to a Top-3 program.

Preparing for the LSAT reminds me of a mud/obstacle race I recently ran. Any path that looks smooth is likely hiding something (there was so much gravel in that mud pit). If you don’t pace yourself early, you’ll be too exhausted for the most difficult obstacles. And, the decisions and preparation you make before race day matter more than anything you do mid-race.

If you scour the internet, you can find lots of competing advice about how to prep for the LSAT. Take two seconds to Google and you’ll find three opinions on how to think about the test, which game strategies are best, which Logical Reasoning questions to do first or consider skipping, etc.

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How I Got My 180 LSAT Score: Kevin’s June LSAT Story

Today’s guest post on the LSAT blog is from Kevin, a student in Blueprint LSAT Prep’s online course who earned a 180 LSAT score on the June LSAT. This is how he did it.

My junior year at UC Irvine, I was forced to confront the LSAT, which I dreaded. I had always felt that I could do well in school if I put in the effort, but that the LSAT tested some sort of natural intelligence that couldn’t really be improved, regardless of effort. That’s why I was devastated when my first practice test score came out to be 152. I knew I had my work cut out for me.

Rising to the challenge, I gave up partying with my fraternity — turning down illustrious parties like Booze Cruise and Blackout — to focus on studying. Every day, I would sit myself in the library for 4-5 hours to watch Blueprint’s video lessons and do the corresponding homework. After slaving away for an entire quarter, I finally got to Practice Test 2.

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Four LSAT Prep Study Tips for MLK Day Weekend

With Martin Luther King, Jr. Day coming up Monday, today, for most people, is the start of a long weekend. If you’re prepping for the February LSAT (three weeks away!), you need to spend this time wisely. Here are some tips:

Long Weekend LSAT Prep Tip #1: Don’t worry about your practice LSAT scores

This is not the time to dwell on your practice LSAT scores. You are still about two weeks away from your best. I’ve seen plenty of students make double digit jumps in their practice LSAT scores during this time. So don’t freak out about not being above the median at Harvard just yet. Such worrying will only distract you from what you really should be doing: practicing.

Long Weekend LSAT Prep Tip #2: Work on your weaknesses

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How I Got My 180

My first reaction to my LSAT score was disbelief. If it was a “most strongly supported” question, I would have picked: “(A) – The LSAC software generated a place-holder score report with a 180.”

Why? Did I luck into that 180?

In short, yes. Anyone who gets a 180 lucked into it. There are too many small things that can go wrong on test day to guarantee perfection. That’s why only somewhere between .02% and .03% of test takers receive the score – with ~100,000 individual tests taken, that’s between 20 and 30 with a perfect score each year.

Here’s some advice and information from 10% of them (both from among the Blueprint students who received a 180 this year).