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The Eternal Debate: Should Law School Be Two Years?

Every year or so, a major news outlet publishes an op-ed calling for the abolishment of the third year of law school. Having gone through law school, I can say that there’s some validity to that argument.

Allow me to explain using the following well-worn adage: In 1L, you’ll get scared to death; in 2L, you’ll get worked to death; and in 3L, you’ll get bored to death.

1L: Scared to Death
1L is really not that bad. But. You’ll still be terrified out of your beautiful mind some of the time.

The law is completely new to you, so there’s that learning curve. Then, you have the actual curve, which is unforgiving and will be spoken of by your classmates as if it’s an actual horror-film entity.

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Logical Reasonings / 4.9.15

A) The Washington Post wants to get rid of some thing for spring cleaning — including the third year of law school.

B) William Mitchell College of Law’s victory over the ABA led to the establishment of the first accredited digital law school, and could change the face of legal education. CNBC

C) 10 tips for reluctant networkers. Ms. JD

D) Turns out that, contrary to popular belief, most judges aren’t too political. The same can’t be said for law students. Wall Street Journal

E) Louis C.K. tells Jimmy Fallon about how he torpedoed Fallon’s career. Don’t worry, things still worked out pretty well for him. Splitsider

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Logical Reasonings / 12.18.14

A) This essay written by a 3L looking back on her first-year law school self is a must read, and not just because she’s charmingly Austrailian. Survive Law

B) Some profs are dropping discussions of rape law from their criminal law classes due to complaints from sensitive students. ABA Journal

C) If the above story seems crazy to you because rape is a crime, you’re not alone. Above The Law

D) The lead guitarist from Blind Melon is now a legal associate with his JD from a T14 law school. Life is pretty strange, indeed. Wall Street Journal

E) Tonight is the last episode of The Colbert Report. Mourn with sixteen clips of him (hilariously) breaking character. Vulture

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Logical Reasonings / 11.21.14

Timeline and tips for the best possible law school application. Admitopia

This breakdown of Michigan bar exam passage rates by law school is pretty cray-cray (technical term). Third Tier Reality

A 3L at Drexel is suing law firms for using US News rankings for using LSAT scores for discriminating against the disabled. Or something. Above the Law

These biglaw Christmas bonuses are the reason some people go to law school. Wall Street Journal

I love Hoobastank jokes, so you know I’m going to be into Chewbastank – the Chewbacca-Hoobastank mashup. AV Club

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Obama’s 2-Year Law School Proposal May Not Be Necessary

Lately, much has been made about the high cost of legal education. Many law school graduates are being greeted with a difficult job market and a mountain of student loan debt. One proposed solution to the issue of cost has been the elimination of a year of law school. The rationale is twofold. Firstly, most law students would likely tell you that they did as little as possible during their 3L years. Secondly, by lopping off a third of law school, you would also lop off a year’s worth of tuition.

Well now President Obama has gotten in on the action, suggesting that law schools look into the elimination of the 3L year. The reactions have been mixed. As far as the potential efficacy of this approach to cost reduction, I can speak only to my own experience as a law student.

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5 Things Prospective Law Students Don’t Do, But Should

Today’s guest LSAT blog post is by Shawdi Vara, a former Blueprint LSAT Prep student who is currently attending UC-Davis Law School.

Here are the top five things I learned about applying to law school. Specifically, here are five things prospective law students don’t do, but absolutely should (there is some overlap between each, but that’s to be expected):

#1 Thing Prospective Law Students Don’t Do, But Should: Spend more time thinking about the law schools you would actually go to
So many of us just blanket apply. Don’t do that. Really think about what type of law you wanna do.

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Graduating from Stress: The Progression of the Law Student Winter Break

The quality of one’s winter break in law school depends almost entirely on two factors: what year one is in law school, and one’s general disposition. I’m not sure how many of you reading this are prone to freak out, so I’ll focus on your place in law school instead.

Let’s take the 1L. I’m sure that, by now, everyone has told you how important your first semester grades are. They’re mostly right. If you’re a 1L, you get to spend winter break mentally rehashing every final you took and worrying about your performance on finals. Sounds fantastic, no? If you find yourself in this position, my advice is to get as far away as possible from law school/students during winter break. Find some semi-exotic locale and plant yourself firmly in a state of willful ignorance of your possibly impending doom. After all, there’s nothing you can do about at this point anyway, right?

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Six Things to Do in the Final Months of Law School

There’s nothing quite like being in law school and coming down with a severe case of 3L-itis. If you’re smart, you’re taking a couple of Pass/No Pass courses. You’re doing about half the reading you know you should. You’ve already started thinking about taking the Bar. You may even have a job to go to once you (hopefully) pass the exam. In other words, put a stamp on this semester because you’re mailing it in.

So what’s a 3L with way too much time on his/her hands to do? Any motherf***ing thing you like. Just in case you need a little help, here’s a list to get you started:

1. Sleep in. A lot.

Nothing says, “I don’t have to be an adult yet” quite like purposely failing to set an alarm on a weeknight.