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A Breakdown of Space Law

Space is the final frontier, so it may initially seem strange that there is law governing what happens out there. However, we’ve moved past the time of the Wild West, so space law encompasses international law, national law, and customs that govern the behavior of humans in outer space.

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Logical Reasonings / 12.15.14

A) Evaluate your GPA and LSAT score to set a law school application strategy. US News & World Report

B) Six areas of the law you might be interested in exploring. Ms. JD

C) British Columbia revoked approval for a discriminatory Christian law school. Oh, Canada. CBC

D) A Spiderman web shooter is forcing SCOTUS to reconsider a 50-year old decision. But WHEN will they hear my infringement case regarding the Batpoon? Wall Street Journal

E) “If you have become dissatisfied with mass-produced legal representation, stop by my scriveners shop; for I am an artisanal attorney.” McSweeney’s Internet Tendency