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What Happened to All the Cool Lawyers on TV?

On television, not very long ago, Ally McBeal, where Calista Flockhart captured the 90s zeitgest by navigating her 20s in a zany Boston law firm with a unisex bathroom, all while wearing high-hemmed business suits and dating Robert Downey, Jr. Before her, there was Arnie Becker and Michael Kuzak and Doug Brackman of L.A. Law’s elite firm of McKenzie, Brackman, Chaney, and Kuzak, who slept with clients after having them sign legal documents, discussed apparently mythical sexual positions called the “Venus Flytrap,” and gallivanted around a sunny Los Angeles with Reagan-era excess. Before them, there was Perry Mason, where Raymond Burr played a immaculately-coifed criminal defense attorney with the remarkable fortuity to not only represent exclusively innocent clients, but to be able to use logic, evidence, and a steely courtroom demeanor to break down the actual perpetrator on the stand.

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Logical Reasonings / 12.30.14

a) “Future attorneys have an obligation to face violence and sexual assault in a different way than most.” The Atlantic

B) Check out the California bar exam passage rates organized by school… and see where NOT to go. Above The Law

C) A law student’s perspective on Serial. Ms. JD

D) A new California judge never went to law school. Well, at least he’s probably used to sitting around in a robe, then. Bakersfield Now

E) Some funny ladies pick their favorite tweets. The twist? They have to pick one of their own tweets. Talk about killing your darlings. Autostraddle

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Latest Trend: Law School Grads Suing Their Law Schools

PROGRAMMING NOTE – US News & World Report rankings are out. We’ll have an article about it up either tonight or tomorrow morning.

It all started when Anna Alaburda filed a complaint against Thomas Jefferson School of Law for publishing misleading employment statistics. Legal commentators were quick to discuss her relatively low chance of winning the lawsuit. However, she did win a PR battle when Thomas Jefferson filed this response. In it, they more or less admit that they were playing fast and loose with statistics. While they contend that the allegations in the complaint don’t rise to an actual cause of action for which the court can offer redress, it must have hurt them to admit that their employment numbers were much higher than their bar passage rate – a fact that demonstrates the low percentage of their graduates employed in a legal position.

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Logical Reasonings / 12.9.11

A) Looks like this attorney is living his dream by creating this Camelot-inspired heavy metal video… Let’s just say, it’s a good thing he didn’t quit his day job. Above the Law.

B) More law schools to choose from! Check out the expansion of Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School. The National Law Journal.

C) Maybe this will teach you to wear your helmet in Spain, even when you’re not driving that moto. Forbes.

D) The future is still looking glum for Barry Bonds. CNN Justice.

E) Kids say the darndest things about love. BlueCentric.