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What Your First Practice LSAT Score Means for the Future

Scoring your first practice LSAT can be terrifying. Your initial LSAT score will probably be much lower than you were ready to deal with emotionally. I’ve had students who refused to score their first practice LSAT out of fear. But there’s really nothing to be afraid of.

What the LSAT Measures

Students who score poorly on their first practice LSAT will often think something like, “My friends and family must’ve been lying to me; I’m really kind of an idiot.”

The LSAT isn’t measuring how smart you are. The LSAT is measuring how good you are at a very narrow range of reasoning skills.

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Is the LSAT Hard? 5 Things You Should Know About the LSAT

It’s time to start prepping for the June LSAT. Some of you will be taking the LSAT for the second or third time. Others have no idea what they’re in for. If this is your first encounter with the LSAT, then this post should help.

Here are 5 things every newcomer should know about the LSAT:

1) Studying For The LSAT Will Make You Smarter

The LSAT is nothing like your traditional college exam. There will be no info-dumping frenzy. There will be no long list of facts, or vocabulary to memorize. Specialized knowledge of bee behavior or electoral systems won’t help – and might actually hurt. Instead, the LSAT will test your ability to – well, frankly – spot B.S.

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Blueprint LSAT Prep Instructor Get-to-Know: Boston and DC

At Blueprint LSAT Prep, nobody passes instructor training without showing at least a little personality. It’s one of the many requirements that make Blueprint LSAT Prep instructors the best in the biz.

It was also the inspiration for the latest series here on the LSAT blog — Blueprint LSAT Prep Instructor Get-to-Know. Last week, we had the first installment of summer LSAT course instructor profiles. Today, it’s number two of Blueprint LSAT Prep’s Instructor Get-to-Know:

Blueprint’s Boston LSAT Prep:


1) What’s playing on your iPod/Spotify/radio the most these days?

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Blueprint LSAT Prep Instructor Get-to-Know: New York

When students express interest in taking a Blueprint LSAT Prep class, one of their primary concerns is the instructor — and understandably so. A good LSAT prep instructor can mean a world of difference. That’s why we only hire the best.

To let you get to know your live summer Blueprint LSAT Prep course, I’m kicking off a new series here on the LSAT blog called Blueprint LSAT Prep Instructor Get-to-Know. In the next several weeks, we’ll be profiling each of our 30+ instructors.

First up in Blueprint LSAT Prep’s Instructor Get-to-Know:

Blueprint’s New York LSAT Prep:


1) What’s playing on your iPod/Spotify/radio the most these days?

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Enroll in Our LSAT Prep Winter Course (Now IOS-Compatible)

If you’re taking the December LSAT, time is of the essence. LSAT test day is a mere four days away. But if you stuck to your LSAT study schedule, I’m sure you’ll get an LSAT score to your liking.

Now, if you want to take the February LSAT and need a Blueprint LSAT Prep course to prepare you for it, time is also of the essence in terms of signing up. Our winter LSAT prep classes begin Sunday, Dec. 2 in the following locations with the corresponding instructors:

Berkeley LSAT Prep Course — Aaron Cohn

UCLA LSAT Prep Course — Dan McCarthy

USC LSAT Prep Course — Spencer Robins

Irvine LSAT Prep Course — Jay Donnell

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Colin Elzie’s Best LSAT Stories

As you work through this last month to get your best LSAT score, things might seem rough at times. But keep up the hard work and you’ll have the best LSAT day possible. To help you along your way, here are some of the best LSAT stories I’ve come across. How exactly will this help, you ask? I don’t know. Motivation? Shut up.

Best LSAT Story I: The Case of the Fishy Snack – As you know, you can (and of course should) bring a snack for the break to give you energy for your best LSAT day possible. Most people bring granola bars or sandwiches or Nacho Cheese Combos or some such thing, but I had a student who once insisted on bringing sushi. I’m not sure how she ended up feeling later that night (what with eating raw room-temperature fish and all), but during the test itself it ended up working out well.

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Wake Up Early and Follow These Best LSAT Practices

As you anxious LSATers eventually make your way to law school and you consider such matters as fiduciary duty and compliance, you’ll run into the phrase “best practices” on at least a semi-frequent basis. It’s a phrase that describes the actions one should take to avoid liability.

Well, if you want to avoid a score in the 150s, then you should follow these LSAT best practices.

LSAT Best Practice #1: Study Early

In this case, “early” has two meanings. The first has to do with how many prep days you give yourself before the actual date of the LSAT. Up to a point, the more days you have, the better. You don’t want to give yourself so much time that you run out of things to practice, but with the catalogue of questions ever expanding, that hardly seems likely.