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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Reading Comprehension Studying

After a go at a Reading Comprehension passage or two, you’ve come to realize that Reading Comprehension might not be a total breeze just because you know how to read. But then you hit your next mental block, which is the belief that studying for RC is pointless. How can a few months of studying change the way you read? You’ve been reading for hundreds of months—since you were a wee thing—and how you read now is just ingrained in you, right?

Be honest, how often do you regularly read something that is multiple paragraphs long while keeping track of multiple things at once? (The pictures in the BuzzFeed “articles” don’t count as paragraphs). With the reading for your classes, you’re either reading for the facts or for a general sense of what’s going on so you can raise your hand at least once a class (or every other class). And, you have as much time as you’re willing to spend to reread paragraphs to make sure you have the right idea.

RC is completely different from the reading you typically do, which means that how to do RC is actually not already ingrained in you. It’s a skill set that you can master with practice.

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You Have 24 Extra Hours to Get $400 Off a Live Blueprint LSAT Course!

You may be losing an extra hour to Daylight Savings Time in a couple months, but we at Blueprint LSAT Prep are giving you an extra 24 hours – our back-to-school sale has been extended til tomorrow at 5pm PST. That means you have an extra 24 hours to get your hands on a live Blueprint LSAT Preparation course for a sweet discount of $400. Here’s what you’ll get in return:

– 112 hours of live instruction
– 88 hours of interactive, visual, and entertaining online resources
– Cutting-edge iOS app so that you can study on the go, easily grade practice tests, and more
– Access to every single LSAT question ever released
– A battle-tested instructor who scored 170 or higher on a real LSAT

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Get It While It’s Hot – Back to School Sale!

Fall is in the air, which means the return of changing leaves, apple cider, football, and – oh yeah – a little thing called school. We’ve got some good news, though: Not all of your classes have to be as boring as Introduction to the Principles of Discrete Mathematics, because for a limited time only, we’re having a flash sale for our awesome live LSAT prep course.

From today through 5pm PST on Thursday 9/17, you can get $400 off the live Blueprint LSAT Prep course. In addition to a snazzy set of brand-new textbooks that you don’t even have to buy from some weird re-seller on Amazon, here’s what you’ll get:

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Logical Reasonings / 8.26.15

A) There’s still time to get 20% off on Blueprint LSAT’s tutoring. Blueprint LSAT

B) Heads up, Serial fans – Adnan’s lawyer has filed a new motion. Gawker

C) Important issues being settled here, such as the legal definition of “real mayo.” Slate

D) Going to an elite law school improves your chances of getting a legal job. Who knew? Above the Law

E) This couple broke up while sitting on a delayed plane. Fortunately, a bystander was there to live tweet it. What a world we live in. Thrillist

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This Week Only, Get 20% Off All Blueprint LSAT Tutoring!

Whether you’re looking for general help or have specific questions, tutoring is a great resource to have an expert work with you to target and resolve any weaknesses – and for this week only, we’re offering 20% off on all tutoring packages! (That includes both tutoring by the hour and our bulk tutoring packages.)

So what’s the deal with our tutoring program, anyway? Well, all our tutors have scored at least a 170 on a real LSAT, so they know their stuff. But that’s not enough to make the cut (after all, we all knew that super smart kid in school who was incapable of normal conversations) – we also have a rigorous interview and training program to make sure that your tutor is not only knowledgeable, but also a great communicator. We offer live tutoring, but if you don’t live near one of our classroom locations, we also offer online tutoring through Skype.

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Win Free LSAT Tutoring!

You like free stuff – especially free LSAT tutoring to get your LSAT score to the next level. We’d like to be featured speakers at the South by Southwest Educational Conference. That’s why we’re raffling off the following three prizes for everyone who votes for us:

1. Four (4) free hours of LSAT tutoring (live or skype)
2. Two (2) free hours of LSAT tutoring (live or skype)
3. One (1) paperback copy of The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games

You can enter up to 4 times by following the instructions below.

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Logical Reasonings / 8.13.15

A) There’s still time to sign up for our October 2015 online LSAT prep course at a discounted rate! Blueprint LSAT

B) Something to consider for your personal statement: narrative structure. Pen and Chisel

C) The courtroom sketch artist for Tom Brady’s case has apologized for not making him as good-looking as he is. The New York Times

D) Important news just in the nick of time for the remaining weeks of summer: barbecue law is a thing. National Law Journal

E) There is a Ned Flanders-themed metal band called Okilly Dokilly. The Independent

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Get It While It’s Hot – October 2015 LSAT Online Course Now On Sale!

Are you preparing for the October 2015 LSAT? If so, are you looking to get the most bang for your buck? Of course you are. Boy, do we have some good news for you: The price of our summer online course, Blueprint: The Movie, has decreased $850 to $650!

Our 88-hour online course covers the same awesome curriculum as our superlative live courses, but – unlike the live course – pants are optional. We’ll teach you the best methods for tackling each section of the LSAT, and we’ll do it in style with hand-drawn animations. If you’re the type that hates to be tied down, you can take the course anywhere with our iOS app. In addition to the lessons, you’ll receive access to tons of real LSAT questions, including 2,173 homework questions, awesome video explanations for every homework question, and a slew of extra practice exams to hone your skills. And if you need extra reinforcements, you’ll be able to email any questions to a veteran Blueprint LSAT Prep instructor.

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True Life: I Was an LSAT Instructor

This post is dedicated to the man behind the curtain, so to speak. If you’re studying for the LSAT, you might be curious about what it’s like to actually teach the test. I’ll be giving you my insights on becoming a Yoda… or Mr. Miyagi… or… Rafiki of the LSAT world (if you don’t understand any of those references, you need to watch more movies). I’ll also briefly discuss the benefits and downsides of teaching a class.

First things first: To become an LSAT instructor, you need to perform well on the LSAT (Captain Obvious here, saying “you’re welcome, everyone!”). A solid score on the LSAT is a good marker of your ability to understand the concepts. With that said, scoring a 180 – that’s a perfect score, just so we’re clear – doesn’t mean that you’ll get hired as an instructor; you also need to show that you can actually instruct effectively. Ideally, instructors can communicate clearly and succinctly and present the material with humor and charisma.