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October LSAT: The Morning Cometh

Those taking the October 2015 LSAT have run the gauntlet and emerged on the other side, (hopefully) relatively unscathed. As post-LSAT-celebration hangovers subside, let’s delve into the chatter we’ve heard about the October 2015 LSAT. We’ve heard multiple reports that one of the Logical Reasoning sections was especially difficult, which is unusual – we often hear that there were a couple really tricky Logical Reasoning questions on the test, but it’s atypical to hear that an overall section was especially tough. In addition, we’ve heard rumors that there were no Main Point questions in Logical Reasoning, which doesn’t often happen – Main Point questions are far from the most common question type, but you can generally count on at least a few per test.

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Less Than 24 Hours to Cancel Your February LSAT Score

So it’s been a few days since you took the February LSAT, and you’re feeling not-so-good. Now you must decide: do you keep your February LSAT score and hope for the best, or do you assume the worst and cancel? The deadline is tomorrow, so it’s time to make up your mind.

First, the nuts and bolts: if you cancel, neither you nor law schools will ever know what you would have scored on the February LSAT. Law schools will see that you took the test and canceled your LSAT score, but one cancellation is no big deal at all. A cancelled LSAT score counts toward your limit of three LSAT administrations in two years.

In this day and age, it’s easy to buy anything from books to cars to sex to drugs online (or so I hear). But cancelling your LSAT score must still be done by old-fashioned means: by fax or overnight mail. You can, however, download the form and get more information from LSAC.

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2013 October LSAT Score Cancellation Deadline is Tomorrow

Let’s cut directly to the chase. If you want to cancel your 2013 October LSAT score, then LSAC needs to receive notice by tomorrow. Did that make a certain part of your body pucker? Don’t worry, that’s appropriate.

Before we discuss whether or not you ought to cancel your October LSAT score, let’s tell you how to do so.

There are three means by which to contact the LSAT overlords: 1) send a signed fax, 2) overnight a letter or 3) send LSAC’s printable LSAT score cancellation form by expedited mail. Make sure you actually request an LSAT score cancellation, include your name and LSAC account number and a signature. After that, you need only bite your nails in agony whilst you await confirmation from on high that your request was received.

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Decision Time: Should You Withdraw from the October LSAT?

Here we go. It’s the final countdown. You may be wondering if you’re ready to actually take the October LSAT. Or, you may just be thinking, “October LSAT, I wish I knew how to quit you.” Whichever position you find yourself in, I’m gonna shoot straight with you.

You should take the October LSAT if…

If you would be happy with an LSAT score that is two points lower than your best practice LSAT score, then you should take the October LSAT.

If you know that you will never be able to study for the LSAT again, then you should take the October LSAT.

You should NOT take the October LSAT if…

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Sunday is the Last Day to Cancel Your June LSAT Score

How’s the weekend going? Good? Good.

If you took the June LSAT, that might not be the case. Every day you have to wait for your LSAT score, the stress compounds. At some point, it’s fair to ask yourself, “Should I cancel my June LSAT score?”

It’s a hard question to answer (and one we’ve tackled for previous LSATs), but it won’t do you any good to try and cancel after tomorrow. That’s because Sunday marks the end of the six day deadline to cancel your June LSAT score.

Whatever your decision, this is your friendly reminder that you have until midnight EST to cancel your June LSAT score.

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The Clock is Ticking to Cancel Your December LSAT Score

If you took the December LSAT, there are probably a few questions you wish you could have back. You may be wondering whether you should cancel your LSAT score, and since tomorrow is the last day you can do so, it’s time to make up your mind.

First, let’s talk about how cancelling your LSAT score works. You can download the LSAT score cancellation form on LSAC’s website. Then, to cancel your LSAT score, you need to fill out and sign the form, then send it to LSAC by fax (if you’re sane) or overnight mail (if for some reason you like throwing money away). The form needs to be received by tomorrow.

Once you cancel your LSAT score, neither you nor law schools will know what your LSAT score would have been, but law schools will know that you canceled.

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What to Consider Before Cancelling Your October LSAT Score

If you took the October 2012 LSAT, then the window for cancelling your LSAT score is rapidly closing. You have only six calendar days from the day of the October LSAT to formally request that LSAC cancel your LSAT score (so, by Friday). Lucky for you, they offer a number of ways for you to pull the proverbial ripcord.

You can 1) send a signed fax, 2) overnight a letter or 3) send LSAC’s printable cancellation form by expedited mail. Make sure you actually request an LSAT score cancellation, include your name and LSAC account number and a signature. Then just wait for confirmation that your parachute was properly deployed (no mixing metaphors in this paragraph!).

Now that we’ve got that bit of housekeeping out of the way, you need to decide whether or not to cancel your LSAT score.

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A Few Days Left to Cancel Your February LSAT Score

The February 2012 LSAT has gone the way of the dodo, never to be seen again. If you took it, congratulations. You should have a score coming to your inbox by March 7 (which really seems like a cruelly long time to wait). But what if you think that said score is going to be terrible? What if Saturday’s test was less of a fun run and more of a death march? Well, LSAC actually gives you the option of canceling your score.

First, the logistics. To cancel your score, LSAC has to receive a written request within six calendar days. So you wouldn’t want to just send it in a regular ol’ letter – you should either fax or overnight it to them. If you do choose to cancel your score then LSAC won’t grade it, and law schools will never know how you did on it (neither will you). What law schools will know, however, is that you took the test and then cancelled your score.

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How Retakers Should Reapproach Their LSAT Prep

If you cancelled your October LSAT score and you’re retaking in December, this here’s for you. And right away, here’s what needs to happen: change. However you tackled your LSAT prep last time around, it wasn’t enough. So things have to be different this time.

Different how? Well, it depends on what didn’t work last time. You need to look at the months of LSAT prep leading up to October’s test, and find out what went wrong.

For many people, one factor (often the largest) is time. Maybe you just need more time for LSAT prep to get you to your target score. Often people find their score to be going on a great upward trajectory, but it just didn’t get to where they wanted it to be in time. Studying for two more months will no doubt help. But really, really, really make time. Really.

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Cancelling Your October LSAT Score: Smart or Dumb?

Well, that was fun. The October 2011 LSAT is officially over. If all went according to plan, you’re hopefully still reveling in your success and waiting for that 180 to come to your inbox (give it about two and a half weeks). But things may not have gone according to plan, and maybe you’re thinking of cancelling.

If you’re thinking of doing this, there are a few things you need to know.

If you cancel, you’ll never know how it went. Which can suck. But law schools won’t know, either. Which can be good. It’ll be a secret that LSAC will take to the grave. Law schools will see, however, that you took and cancelled the test. If you decide to bail out on your October LSAT score, LSAC needs to receive the score cancellation form within six days of the test by way facsimile machine or the good old-fashioned post. So do it by Wednesday at the absolute latest.