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2013 October LSAT Score Cancellation Deadline is Tomorrow

Let’s cut directly to the chase. If you want to cancel your 2013 October LSAT score, then LSAC needs to receive notice by tomorrow. Did that make a certain part of your body pucker? Don’t worry, that’s appropriate.

Before we discuss whether or not you ought to cancel your October LSAT score, let’s tell you how to do so.

There are three means by which to contact the LSAT overlords: 1) send a signed fax, 2) overnight a letter or 3) send LSAC’s printable LSAT score cancellation form by expedited mail. Make sure you actually request an LSAT score cancellation, include your name and LSAC account number and a signature. After that, you need only bite your nails in agony whilst you await confirmation from on high that your request was received.

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Cancelling Your October LSAT Score: Smart or Dumb?

Well, that was fun. The October 2011 LSAT is officially over. If all went according to plan, you’re hopefully still reveling in your success and waiting for that 180 to come to your inbox (give it about two and a half weeks). But things may not have gone according to plan, and maybe you’re thinking of cancelling.

If you’re thinking of doing this, there are a few things you need to know.

If you cancel, you’ll never know how it went. Which can suck. But law schools won’t know, either. Which can be good. It’ll be a secret that LSAC will take to the grave. Law schools will see, however, that you took and cancelled the test. If you decide to bail out on your October LSAT score, LSAC needs to receive the score cancellation form within six days of the test by way facsimile machine or the good old-fashioned post. So do it by Wednesday at the absolute latest.