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LGBT Issues in Law School

Your first year in law school will be full of standard courses in property, torts, contracts, civil procedure, criminal law, and legal research. These classes involve tons of reading and a single four-hour exam at the end. Most people don’t want to repeat this experience by taking more black letter classes in their second and third years. So as an alternative you can do something radically different by signing up for clinics.


Law School Clinics: A Great Way to Learn and Serve

Have you ever had the opportunity to peruse a stack of law school applications? Specifically the Personal Statement/”Why Lawschool?” sections? You’ll find a pretty common theme across them: I’m going to lawschool to save X (where is X is “the orphans,” or “Brooklyn,” or “the blue-footed booby,” etc). X, in the context of Why Lawschool?, is pretty much never “SIFIs from overburdensome regulation” or “Microsoft from paying royalties on questionably-acquired IP.”

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Logical Reasonings / 1.21.15

A) Will you pay too much for law school? Unsurprisingly, it depends on your LSAT score and school rank. Business Week

B) The most innovative law school clinics. Very impressed with Princeton’s “Commit a Felony and Learn the Punishment” program. preLaw Magazine

C) What to do while you’re waiting to hear back on your law school applications. Pen and Chisel

D) It may not have been in the State of the Union, but President Obama just blasted the Citizens United ruling on its fifth anniversary. Wall Street Journal

E) Jimmy Kimmel’s sad/funny/VERY SAD/VERY FUNNY segment on people who think Martin Luther King is still alive and giving speeches. Huffington Post

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Logical Reasonings / 11.12.14

PreLaw Magazine honors 25 law schools for their innovative clinics. PreLaw

It seems law schools are becoming more accepting of transfer students. The American Lawyer

A new Stanford study has some ideas on how to close the gender gaps at law schools. Stanford News

TestMasters and Test Masters are in some kind of legal battle. Better just stick with Blueprint. National Law Journal

Usher’s new single is available exclusively in Honey Nut Cheerios boxes being sold at Walmart. So if you thought art was dead… you were right. Billboard