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Logical Reasonings / 4.18.16

A. Here’s a nice story about an ex-con who’s turned her life around, gone to law school, and is helping others who get swept up in the criminal justice system. No, we aren’t going to say anything snarky about it. Kitsap Sun

B. After Supreme Court oral arguments, it looks like Obama’s plan to indefinitely suspend deportations for childhood arrivals and their families is going to get the axe. Because the lower court ruled it unconstitutional, a 4-4 split upholds that decision. Slate

C. Here’s some new research about what killed the dinosaurs. Gee, wonder if this will end up on the LSAT. Gizmodo

D. We ran a little story on making flashcards the other day. We were right, like always. NPR

E. Are you also sick of hearing how handsome and dreamy and progressive and dreamy Justin Trudeau is? Gawker

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Logical Reasonings / 1.19.16

A. Sarah Palin (‘member her?) has endorsed Donald Trump for President. Can we assume that this has sealed the deal for you? Politico
B. In an unexpected move, the Supreme Court has agreed to hear challenges to President Obama’s recent moves to defer deportation for thousands of undocumented immigrants. The Washington Post
C. Following AT&T’s lead, Verizon is offering “sponsored data,” where a content provide — think Netflix — can pay for a consumer’s data usage. The Motley Fool
D. Last night’s Jeopardy! tally: 0 winners, 3 losers, 0 dollars. AV Club
E. Here are the 25 most common passwords. If you find yours on the list, please message us immediately with a list of banking institutions and credit cards you use. The Telegraph

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Immigration Law and You

Continuing our weekly series on lesser-known areas of the law, I’ll be dedicating this post to immigration law. I’ve been peripherally familiar with immigration law for quite some time. When I was in high school, I participated in team policy debate (yes, I was a nerd even back then). Not to brag or anything, but I’m a national champion (in a homeschool debate league, see above regarding nerdiness), and the topic during my winning year was reforming our immigration policy.