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Today is the Deadline to Register for the July LSAT … And You Probably Should

Today is the last day to sign up for the July 2018 LSAT, and procrastinators everywhere are panicking as they make their final decisions about whether to register. If you fall into the group of people making a last-minute judgement call on whether to register, here are some things to keep in mind:

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LSAT Deadlines Abound

LSAT-related withdrawals are never fun. Be they alcohol withdrawals, from your most recent stress-induced bender, or Adderall withdrawals, from that extra boost you insist you need, or a test registration withdrawal itself, it’s important to recognize you’re not in for a walk in the park. Today we’ll be covering the last of these three, in line with our expertise and with the fact that no one here at Blueprint is in a position to throw shade at you for an enthusiastic expression of tequila appreciation.

As many of you know, today is the last day to withdraw your registration with a (partial) refund. Unfortunately, some of your fee has already been absorbed by the LSAC bureaucracy, but it’s still good to get a chunk back if you bail on the test. Note that if you decide to withdraw today you’ll need to fax this form to the LSAC, rather than mail it so that they receive it in time.

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Looming LSAT Deadlines Mean Decisions

If you plan on taking the June LSAT, you should know that some important deadlines are coming up:

Registration Deadline: May 1st (that’s today!)
Late Registration Deadline: May 13th
Test Center Change by Mail, Phone, or Fax: May 13th
Test Center Change Online: May 15th
Test Date Change by Mail, Phone, or Fax: May 22nd
Test Date Change Online: May 24th
LSAT Registration Refunds (partial only): May 13th
Withdraw LSAT Registration – No Refund: June 7th

If you decide to withdraw or reschedule, your next chance to take an LSAT is October – still plenty of time to get applications in for the 2015-2016 cycle, but certainly later in the rolling admissions process.

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Are You Ready for the June LSAT?

The June 2015 LSAT regular registration deadline is May 1, 2015. That’s a week from today. For those of you who haven’t registered yet, you might be feeling a little hesitant to pull the trigger. After all, the test is roughly six weeks away, and it seems like there’s still so much studying to do (or at least it did to me). Is it even possible to tell whether you’ll be ready by test day?

There are definitely a couple of ways to know if you’re not ready:

1. You haven’t started studying yet.
I know barely anyone who didn’t start studying at least two or three months before the test and got the score they wanted. These are the same test-taking savants who got perfect SAT scores without studying at all. If you’re this kind of person: congratulations. Also, this post probably isn’t for you.

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February LSAT Deadline Weekend

Some important LSAT deadlines are coming up: the deadline to change your test center or test date is this Sunday, by midnight Eastern Time. That’s if you do it online. If you’re stuck in the 90’s and need to do it by mail, phone, or facsimile, then LSAC needs to receive your request by today. Also, if you’re stuck in the 90s, maybe it’s time to donate that flannel shirt. Somewhere there’s a hipster in need.

Let’s start with the test center change deadline. If nothing good was available when you registered for the LSAT, take a look. Maybe something better has opened up in the mean time. You’ll have to pay a $37 fee to change ($36 in Canada), but that’s well worth it if it saves you a bunch of stress on test day.

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When Should You Postpone Your LSAT Test Date?

Breaking news: Today, at 11:59PM EDT, is the official deadline to change your LSAT test date for anyone registered for the September LSAT.

The music might have been a little dramatic, though, as it’s not as much of a deadline as it might seem. Here’s why: after today, you can still withdraw your LSAT registration. The deadline for that is September 26th, and the withdrawal method is perfectly safe and effective (at least on the LSAT). If you withdraw your LSAT registration, law schools will never know you were registered.

The music might have been a little dramatic, though, as it’s not as much of a deadline as it might seem.

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One Week Until LSAT Registration Deadline!

One week. We’re not talking Barenaked Ladies. Or Buster Keaton. Or even Joshua Jackson (although here at Blueprint HQ, we’re always talking Joshua Jackson… ducks fly together, yo).

No, we’re talking about the regular registration deadline for the September LSAT (the late registration deadline is September 5th, which will cost you an extra $70 smackeroos).

You have one more week to decide whether it’s time to take the plunge and sign up, or whether you’re better off waiting until the December exam. If you’re not sure that this is the moment, here’s something to consider.