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Logical Reasonings / 2.25.15

A) How LinkedIn can be useful to prelaws. Pen and Chisel

B) A top law school is overhauling its budget at the same time its dean is stepping down. Take it, Bowie! Above the Law

C) Elena Kagan cited Dr. Seuss in a Supreme Court decision today, possibly the reason Samuel Alito’s heart grew three sizes. Slate

D) Happy birthday, here’s a cake shaped like Saul Goodman. Legal Cheek

E) Parks and Recreation ended last night and now the world is a sadder place. Maybe this oral history of the show can help fill the void. Uproxx

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Logical Reasonings / 10.15.14

The best law school facilities. Turns out the University of Memphis is basically Stark TowerPreLaw Magazine

A law school dean turns a judge’s sexist joke into a teachable moment. Above The Law

Thomas M. Cooley Law School, currently closing down its Michigan campus, ranks itself the second best law school in the country. LOLOLOLOLOL. Cooley.edu

SCOTUS blocks some Texas aborition regulations. Wall Street Journal

It’s not TV, it’s HBO… and soon we (maybe might possibly sometime) be able to get it without a TV! All further questions answered here. Vulture

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Logical Reasonings / 10.14.14

There are good reasons to go to law school. The Huffington Post’s listicle didn’t really mention them. Above The Law

A former law school dean just wrote a book about everything wrong with SCOTUS, and how to fix it. Talking Points Memo

How to cite Buzz Lightyear in a legal brief. Lawyerist

The sad saga of Amanda Bynes has put a spotlight on mental health law. Wall Street Journal

10 weird “laws” from around the country. (Guys, Clickhole is the best.) Clickhole

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Be A Good Consumer: My Talk With A Law School Dean (Part Two)

Last week, in Part One of our interview, I spoke with Southwestern Law School Vice Dean Catherine Carpenter about law school curriculum – both its importance and its evolution. Today we move on to how curriculum can (or should) influence your choice of law school.


Most Strongly Supported: We’ve seen a lot of evolution in legal education and the job market recently. But we just did a survey of our summer students, and for most of them, prestige is still the thing that matters most when choosing a law school, often to their detriment. What do you say to students who value a school’s ranking above all else?

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Curriculum Matters: My Talk With A Law School Dean

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Catherine Carpenter, Vice Dean and Professor of Law at Southwestern Law School. One of the foremost authorities in the country on law school curricula and accreditation, she has served in several leadership posts within the Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar of the American Bar Association (ABA), including her current seat on the Standards Review Committee. Her service in legal education leadership earned her recognition in 2013 and 2014 from National Jurist as among the “The Top 25 Influential People in Legal Education.” A graduate of UCLA (B.A., cum laude, English) and Southwestern (J.D., cum laude), she joined the Southwestern faculty in 1980 and teaches courses in criminal law.

Our wide-ranging conversation at her cozy office in the beautiful, Art Deco Bullocks Wilshire Building touched on everything from the shifting legal landscape to how to choose a law school. Today, in Part One of our interview, she talks about the importance of law school curriculum.

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Logical Reasonings / 9.15.14

Avoiding common logical reasoning mistakes is all about thoroughness. US News and World Report

A dean talks about law school, the legal economy, and his sexiest make-up tips. (One of those is not true.) North Bay Business Journal

A ranking of summer associate programs. Mmm numerical goodness. Above The Law

Law firms are losing work… to their own clients! What a twist! Wall Street Journal

7 steps to living your life like (American hero and future President of Earth) Bill Murray. Vulture

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Logical Reasonings / 6.12.12

A) Zimmerman’s wife finds out perjury is just as much a crime as shooting someone. Maybe more so. CNN.

B) Famed Boston mobster Whitey Bulger’s girlfriend goes to jail for hiding him. Fox News.

C) Believe it or not, a dingo really did eat her baby! CNN.

D) The Dean of Valparaiso School of Law makes the argument for legal education reform. Inside Higher Ed.

E) For those of you who are thinking of a retake, sometimes the second time is better than the first. Huffington Post.