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Tough Choices Await Those With Low February LSAT Scores

February LSAT scores came out Sunday. Some of you are happy with how you did, so you’ll be applying to law school. Others got a low LSAT score, and have some tough choices to make.

What’s A Low LSAT Score?

It’s hard to say what an objectively low LSAT score is, but let’s give it a shot: A low LSAT score is an LSAT score that will force you into a few hundred thousand dollars of debt and leave you with poor job prospects.

You first need to figure out what schools for which your LSAT score qualifies. Law School Predictor will give you a pretty good idea.

Then, you need to check out Law School Transparency (LST).

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LSAC Releases February LSAT Scores…on Sunday?!

The mailman doesn’t deliver on Sunday, but LSAC does.

February LSAT scores arrived yesterday, much sooner than anyone expected — and on a Sunday, no less. It’s the first time that’s happened in recent (or distant) memory.

At this point, you should have received your February LSAT score by email, but if it somehow got lost in your spam folder, you can always find out by logging into your LSAC account and navigating to the “LSAT Status” page.

Whether you received good, bad, or so-so news yesterday, chances are this entire process has been stressful for you. It’s tempting to ask “What now?” and immediately become overwhelmed with what lies ahead, whether it’s retaking or moving on to the rest of the law school application process. But before you contemplate the next step forward, take a step back. For better or worse, what’s done is done, and it’s important to properly put the February LSAT behind you.

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Enjoy Your Final Weekend Without a February LSAT Score

February LSAT scores are supposed to come out March 5. Right now, you probably feel like Leonardo DiCaprio waiting for an Oscar. And just like DiCaprio, you’re probably gonna have to keep waiting this weekend.

LSAT scores are typically released a few days before they’re scheduled to come out. The LSAC likes to play with your emotions like that. But, they probably won’t come out more than two days early. I predict you’ll get your February LSAT scores this Monday.

But, you should keep checking until then, just in case. To check, you’ll need to log in to your LSAC account, and navigate to your “LSAT Status” page. If the icons in the “LSAT Documents” table have turned gray, then the February LSAT scores are coming out!

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Law School Admissions Now That the February LSAT is Over

If you just took the February LSAT and are applying for admission to law school in the fall, you probably aren’t used to having all this free time on your hands post-LSAT. Shouldn’t you be spending every minute with your nose glued in a prep book?

Well, no, not any more. But the good news is that there are some things you should be doing if you haven’t done them already.

If you don’t have the other elements of your law school application submitted, you’ll want to get that in as soon as possible. Your application isn’t reviewed by law schools until it’s considered “complete,” and it’s not considered complete until it’s… well… complete. So if you’ve been dragging your feet on finishing your applications, get that taken care of, and keep in mind that it will take LSAC some time to process anything you submit. (Given that it takes them weeks to grade a Scantron, you should never expect speed from LSAC.)

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It’s Time to Transition into June LSAT Prep Mode

Now that February LSAT scores are out, the June LSAT looms ahead. If you’re planning on taking the June LSAT, it’s okay if you haven’t done much of anything yet. As time goes by, your inaction will become less and less OK. Kind of like a 40-year-old showing up to work in a high schooler’s wardrobe: what once looked perfectly normal starts to work against you.

First of all: go to LSAC’s website and register for the June LSAT. Do it as soon as you can. The earlier you register, the better the choice of June LSAT testing centers you’ll have. Getting your pick of June LSAT test centers now will keep you from having to spend the night before the June LSAT in some godforsaken motel by the freeway somewhere, listening to the regular clientele entertain their clientele. More importantly, once you’re registered for the June LSAT you can circle June 10 on your calendar as the day you’ll take the June LSAT.

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LSAC Releasing February LSAT Scores Today, On Schedule

LSAT score release day is always stressful. The uncertainty. The waiting. The drinking.

Right on schedule, LSAC is releasing February LSAT scores today. I always feel like February LSAT score release day is even more stressful than the other LSAT score release days. With every other LSAT administration, you can go back over your test, see what went wrong, and beat yourself up for those stupid mistakes. Demoralizing? Yes. But not nearly as stressful as just getting a number and forever wondering what went wrong.

I’ve got a few more of you drinking now, don’t I?

The February LSAT is a weird beast, so the advice I give to those receiving their February LSAT scores today is also going to be a bit wonky.

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LSAC to Release February LSAT Scores this Week

Good morning, children. If you took the February LSAT several weeks ago, this is going to be an important week because LSAC should be releasing your LSAT score sometime between now (right now! go check your email! not there? damn!) and Wednesday. The actual LSAC-estimated release date is on Wednesday itself, but they often send ‘em out early (assuming it’s not hurricane season).

How will you know when your February LSAT score’s ready? Well, LSAC actually emails you as soon as it’s available, so there’s no need to constantly refresh your LSAC homepage. Those of you on the east coast who had your February LSAT postponed due to inclement weather should also be getting an email along with everyone else, but only time will tell for sure. At any rate, it’ll be a very Spartan correspondence that matter-of-factly tells you what your February LSAT score was, along with its percentile.

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Logical Reasonings / 3.8.12

A) Blueprint is giving away a free LSAT prep course. FREE! Facebook.

B) The woman who invented Spanx didn’t go to law school because her LSAT scores were too low. Just a guess, but maybe her LSAT study was lacking because she was spending too much time thinking about underwear. ABA Journal.

C) The University of Pennsylvania Law School made a poster mocking Louis Vuitton’s unrelenting efforts to protect its trademarks. Now Louis V. is suing them. NY Mag.

D) Here’s some good stuff regarding February LSAT scores and applying to law school from the University of Massachusetts Amherst Pre-Law blog. UMass Amherst.

E) We’re due for some cat stuff. Here’s a bunch of kitties eating human food. They think they’re people! BuzzFeed.