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Google’s self-driving cars didn’t just drive themselves over to Uber.

A few years ago, Apple sued Samsung for patent violations. The case resulted in a jury award amounting to over one billion dollars. It was a massive case, and it captured headlines around the world. Just a short time ago, Google filed suit against Uber, beginning a case that could dwarf the Apple v. Samsung litigation.

Google, through its self-driving car subsidiary Waymo, is accusing Uber of stealing its self-driving car technology. The complaint centers on Anthony Levandowski. Levandowski is a former Google employee who now works at Uber.

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Logical Reasonings / 1.28.16

A. Google just entered into a partnership with processor-maker Movidius to make phones with neural networks. Soon, instead of being a figurative slave to your smart phone, you could be a real one! The Christian Science Monitor
B. How will the other GOP candidates use the debate in Trump’s absence? Will anyone even watch? The Washington Post
C. Wake Forest School of Law is engaged in a half-baked (quarter-baked? eighth-baked? yeah, that’s it, eighth-baked) scheme to get the American Bar Association to let them stop using the LSAT in admissions. Above the Law
D. The Centers for Disease Control says that the Zika virus – which causes little-to-no discomfort among the infected but is thought to cause horrific birth defects – is virtually guaranteed to take hold in the U.S. The Huffington Post
E. The plaintiffs suing Caitlin Jenner for wrongful death in a highway accident last year have dismissed the suit. Wonder how much $$$ they got… ABC News

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Logical Reasonings / 12.16.15

A. So there’s this movie. Apparently it’s called Star Wars or something like that. People happen to like it. USA Today
B. Will Google’s self-driving cars make Uber a thing of the past? The Verge
C. Law school enrollments fall again. Good news for aspiring law students. Above the Law
D. Missed last night’s GOP debate? Watch the whole thing here. It’s… well… yeah. Election Central
E. The history of Ol’ St. Nick, in 90-second video format. BuzzFeed

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Logical Reasonings / 12.2.15

A. Google is spying on your children. Are you really surprised about this development? Fortune
B. A former beauty queen faked leukemia to benefit from fundraisers. In one of the very few signs that the world may not be ending, she’s being prosecuted for it. We hope she goes to jail for a long time. Houston Chronicle
C. Indiana disbars horrible jerk attorney for being a horrible jerk. ABA Journal
D. Man wins lottery twice in two minutes. The whole world subsequently wants to hit him. Mashable
E. You have no idea what was missing from your life and your cat’s until you see the world beating new product, Space Cate-Pack. Bored Panda

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Logical Reasonings / 11.30.15

A. Doggerland is the Atlantis of the North Sea, and scientists are trying to find out more about this sunken land. Wired
B. The December LSAT is this Saturday! Always a good idea to review the maddeningly complex, ever-changing list of things dos and don’ts when it comes to test day. LSAC
C. When is an agreement a treaty? Depends on whether or not you like it. ABA Journal
D. Why did NOBODY tell us that the Hermanator was making a comeback?? Mashable
E. You can now radically alter your experience with Google across its many platforms. Jedi or Sith? Choose. Google

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Logical Reasonings / 11.17.15

A. One school’s experience shows that doing better on the LSAT increases your chances for passing the bar. Above the Law
B. Drinking obscene amounts of coffee is good for you. So get off our backs already! Huffington Post
C. Those who make partner at Big Law firms often – but not always – went to highly ranked law schools. Shocker. Bloomberg
D. Google has redesigned Google+ to make not using it more enjoyable than ever. Mashable
E. Puns are the lowest form of humor. Here’s a bunch of them with cute explanatory drawings. Bored Panda