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Chik-Fil-A School-of-Law

Banker Sandy Weill recently withdrew the generous donation he’d made, out of the goodness of his altruistic little billionaire heart, to Paul Smith College after he learned that the school could not change it’s name to Weill-Smith College. Not wanting to find himself similarly disappointed, Charles Widger, a successful hedge fund manager, explicitly stipulated that Villanova Law School should become the Villanova Charles Widger School of Law in exchange for his $25 million donation.

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#TBT: The Best Law School Commencement Speech Ever

On May 13, 2007, Charlie Munger gave a memorable keynote speech at USC Law School’s commencement ceremony. While he is especially well known for his work as an investor and longtime associate of Warren Buffet, Munger began his career as a lawyer, graduating from Harvard Law School in 1948.

However, Munger did not deliver the typical go-get-‘em oratory packed with inspiration and lofty ideals of justice. Instead he offered up the most practical and realistic advice he could distill after 83 years of living. What is perhaps most striking and refreshing about his speech is the simplicity of the values and practices that he found indispensable to a successful life.

Here are a few highlights:

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Logical Reasonings / 4.4.14

A) As of now, law schools are the only place to learn about law. Maybe that ought to change. Huffington Post.

B) Brooklyn Law School is having a sale…on tuition. Above the Law.

C) Well, this is a relief. Harvard Law School’s “human skin” book isn’t really bound by someone’s epidermis. Gawker.

D) There’s already a front-runner to replace David Letterman. Huffington Post.

E) A boss with the body of a baby. How does SNL do it? NBC.

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Logical Reasonings / 2.5.14

A) If you get kicked out of law school, it does no good to stock up on firearms and send threatening emails to faculty. Above the Law.

B) One of the few ways that law school is like undergrad: worthless elective courses. ABA Journal.

C) Meet Harvard Law Review’s 128th president. The Harvard Crimson.

D) Vote for the best law firm website of 2014. You know…if you’re into that sort of thing. Lawyerist.

E) Forget the Oscars. These are the best pictures of the year. The Atlantic.

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Logical Reasonings / 1.10.14

A) The first step to starting your own law firm right out of law school: Ignore the people who say you can’t. Business Insider.

B) Harvard Law School just got $10 million to divvy out for fellowships. ABA Journal.

C) That didn’t take long. Someone is suing Chris Christie over the bridge scandal. BBC.

D) Some lawyers have their work cut out for them regarding this case of an Indian diplomat who fled the United States after committing fraud. Bloomberg.

E) Everyone wants to know what the future holds. Here’s what to expect 100 quintillion years from now. io9.

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Logical Reasonings / 12.28.12

A) Law schools are seeing an increase in the number of non-JD applicants. ABA Journal.

B) Harvard Law is offering a free copyright law online course — applications accepted until January 3rd. Law.com.

C) NYU med students now will have one fewer year of tuition to pay for; will NYU Law follow suit? Business Insider.

D) Everyone hates delayed flights, but now we know that suing the airline over it probably won’t work. Thomson Reuters.

E) Despite all the advances in technology this year (iPhone 5, anyone?), there were some goofs, too. CNN.com.