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Happy St. LSATrick’s Day

In the year 1995 the Republic of Ireland began a campaign to use St. Patrick’s Day to showcase Ireland and its rich culture. The government thus established an event called the St. Patrick’s Festival, with the stated aim:

“To project, internationally, an accurate image of Ireland as a creative, professional, sophisticated country with wide appeal.”

And boy have they succeeded. Today nary a soul in the western world is unaware of the Irish’s St. Patty’s Day shenanigans. With phosisticated displaysof professional Guiness-guzzling, and creatively verdant colorizations of things never intended to be anything close to a shade of green, the projected image of Ireland is, I think we can all agree, widely appealing and superlatively accurate.

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The LSAT Academy Awards

The Oscars were last night, and now everyone can spend their Monday debating whether the Academy got it right. We’ll stay away from that, though it does seem that playing someone with a debilitating illness is a great way to improve your chances of winning. Rather, our agenda is to honor films (Oscar-caliber or not) for their significance to the LSAT. Instead of a red carpet, imagine a carpet made of scantrons.

Worst LSAT Prep Advice
This award goes to Whiplash. If you’re striving for excellence on the LSAT, it can help to have good instruction. It’s great if your instructor demands that you put in your best effort. But if your instructor ever throws a chair at your head, it’s probably time to reconsider the relationship. Logical fallacies don’t warrant violence.

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How Would Presidents Have Scored on the LSAT?

Here’s a post-President’s Day fact for you: did you know that twenty six of our nation’s Commanders-In-Chief were lawyers before they were elected?

It’s no surprise that our radically litigious nation would elect so many lawyers to the highest office of the land. But prior to King Obama’s ascendance, Bill Clinton’s debauchery, or William Howard Taft’s Supreme Court appointment, each was a hand-wringing, anxious law school applicant. Just like you.

How did each of these Presidents fare on their LSATs? In most cases it’s hard to say, in part because the LSAT has only existed in its current form since 1991. However, armed with Google and a bit of reckless speculation, we can make some semi-educated guesses as to how they’d have performed.

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LSAT Pairings Weirder Than Kanye West & Paul McCartney

In case you missed it amongst New Year’s celebration and study anxiety, Kanye West dropped a new song just as the calendar rolled over to 2015. That alone would normally be huge news, but “Only One” is not only a brand new Kanye jam (and Kim K’s favorite, no less) it also features none other than Paul McCartney, and apparently is the first in what will be a “prolific musical collaboration between these two legendary artists.”

If you’re like me, the byline Kanye West (feat. Paul McCartney) makes you do a quadruple take. But after thinking about it a little bit more, it’s a pairing that makes some sense. Both are defining artists in their respective genres, and both have a long history of interesting collaboration – I highly recommend checking out Sir Paul’s strange grifter partnership with Michael Jackson and Kanye’s awesomely weird music video starring Zach Galifianakis.

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The LSAT can be as Easy as Pi(e)

Happy Pi Day, everyone!

As any good Family Guy fan knows, it’s a wonderful day for pie, or in today’s case, Pi. While we know that (thank God) there is no math on the LSAT, all that studying can work up a powerful hunger. And thus, it is with great pleasure that we present the following list of pies both sweet and savory to calm those Logical Reasoning-induced hunger pangs.

1. Buko Pie

Never heard of it? Can’t say I’m surprised. Buko pie is a traditional Filipino pie made with young coconut custard. Why choose this pie? Well, we all know that multicultural sensitivity is key to conquering Reading Comprehension (remember, historically marginalized cultures always win). There aren’t many better ways to work on that sensitivity than by becoming familiar with that most intimate element of foreign cultures, food.

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Beloved Christmas Characters Take the LSAT

Christmas is around the corner, but if you’re reading this, then the visions dancing through your head are probably more centered around logic games and less around sugar plums. It doesn’t seem quite fair that you should be holed up studying for the LSAT while everyone else enjoys the holiday season, but once this is over, you’ll have the greatest gift of all – a beautiful new LSAT score. But until that happens, let’s stop and consider how Christmas’ cavalcade of characters would score on the LSAT.

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Father’s Day Gifts for June 2012 LSAT Takers

What’s that you say? Your frantic attempt to get yourself ready for the LSAT caused you to completely forget Father’s Day this weekend? Not to fear! A few last-minute gift suggestions are here. Make your dad proud with one or more of these LSAT-related presents.

1. The pencils you used the day of the LSAT.

Assuming you can bring yourself to part with them, wrap up those half-chewed Ticonderoga #2’s that served you so well. They may be totally worthless to everyone else in the world, but your dad will look at those pencils years from now and remember how they helped you become a successful lawyer. If you’ve got the cash, you might even consider having them bronzed.