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A Breakdown of Sports Law

Having hashed out the intricacies of furry and cuddly animal law last week, we turn in the second installment of our practice-area series to sports law — the pragmatic option for all the nerdy types hoping to salvage a distant cousin of their childhood pro athlete aspirations.

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Analyzing ‘Top 10 Law Schools For Career Prospects’

Most people who want to go to law school want to become a lawyer. That’s probably a safe bet. Plus, law school can leave you with a lot of debt to pay off. It’s therefore important to consider employment statistics carefully as you choose a law school. Writing for Forbes, Susan Adams recently took a look at the top 10 law schools for career prospects, as ranked by the Princeton Review guide, The Best 173 Law Schools.

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Logical Reasonings / 11.6.13

A) Should we ditch the current U.S. Constitution and replace it with a more 21st century governance? Yay or Nay? ABA Journal.

B) Chris Christie wins big in New Jersey (no surprise there), and his speech was quite telling — thank you speech, or an announcement speech? CNN.

C) Best law schools for a strong career right out of law school Forbes.

D) Now that Tuesday’s elections are all over, what does it all mean for 2016? Washington Post.

E) People with awesome (and not so awesome) names. BuzzFeed.

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Logical Reasonings / 12.30.11

A) Did you want to be a veterinarian growing up but are now pursuing a career in law? There’s no reason you can’t combine the two. Portland Business Journal.

B) The rights to Ghost Rider have been settled. Unfortunately for Marvel, they won. Wall Street Journal.

C) The top ten differences between biglaw and boutique. Somehow, the subject of flowers did not make the list. Above the Law.

D) You gotta fight. For your right. To protest traffic violations! CNN.

E) If you didn’t watch a single minute of local news this year (like most people), don’t worry. Someone gathered the best local news bloopers of 2011 for you. BuzzFeed.

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Logical Reasonings / 12.14.11

A) The latest party to request LSAC change its accommodated testing policies: The American Bar Association’s Committee. Texas Lawyer.

B) Your attention please: It appears that some law students (stay with me!) are lying about having ADHD (hey, over here!) in order to gain access to Adderall (you made it to the end!). Above the Law.

C) Here are 10 buzzwords you need to remove from your LinkedIn profile and rèsumè for law school. “Winning!” isn’t on the list, but go ahead and take it off, as well. Time.

D) Whether you’re looking for a career in law or shooting for upper management in a fast food joint, here’s how to accomplish more by doing less every day. Harvard Business Review.

E) Don’t be intimidated if someone tells you they’re taking a Taekwondo class — especially if that someone is five years old. YouTube.

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Logical Reasonings / 12.8.11

A) There are jobs out there! Check out this intriguing list of law schools with the best hiring outlook.

B) And while you are at it, see what law schools got the ‘Best Value’ trophy by the National Jurist
Above the Law.

C) It is bonus season…will the major firms be naughty or nice?
Thomson Reuters.

D) Law School Admissions Council is being urged to review its testing policies for individuals with disabilities
The National Law Journal.

E) Read the historical tweets made in 2011.