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Logical Reasonings / 9.10.15

A) Copyright law ruins everything (such as these YouTube videos of the hardest Super Mario levels ever). Kotaku

B) Here are some tips for new 1Ls other than “do the reading and work really hard.” Above the Law

C) Pats fans and haters are both totally unhinged, as evidenced by these letters to the Deflategate judge. Deadspin

D) In the vein of interview horror stories, here’s one about a callback gone terribly wrong. Above the Law

E) This couple got hammered and made a video about how they met in the style of Comedy Central’s Drunk History. #relationshipgoals Time

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An Inside Look at Interviewing During Law School

I’m sure most of you have prepared for job interviews some time in your life. For the vast majority of people, job interviews are a little nerve-wracking and stressful. Now, rather than preparing for one or two job interviews in a week, imagine preparing for twenty to thirty interviews that will take place over the course of four days.

We are in the midst of our law school recruiting period here at Columbia Law. Virtually the entire class of rising second-year students descends on a hotel in Times Square to interview with law firms from around the country. This post is dedicated to giving you an inside look at the process that law students go through to find a job.

Apart from the sheer quantity of interviews, the process is not all that different from interviewing for a job in any other field.

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Logical Reasonings / 2.10.11

A) Mubarak likely to step down.  Also, Southpark apparently now a symbol of insurrection.  The Washington Post.

B) Another example of why causation can never be proved on the LSAT, this time with soda and heart attacks.  LA Times.

C) One man’s search for the meaning of life.  The Onion.

D) It’s juvenile, but we still think it’s funny.  Officials balk at christening government center after deceased mayor with an amazing name.  NPR.

E) Some advice on how to prepare for legal job interview.  Turns out “I desperately need the job” not a good intro.  USC Law School.