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Logical Reasonings / 5.19.15

A) Above the Law surveyed some young lawyers to find the highest rated summer internship programs in Biglaw.

B) What you need to know to get onto law review (and all the career perks that come with it). Law School Toolbox

C) More law schools are dropping the LSAT requirement for their university’s high-performing undergrads, making it five in total. Bloomberg

D) A Columbia University student carried her dorm mattress to graduation, completing a year-long art project protesting campus sexual assault. The Guardian

E) “Time-lapse mining” sounds like something Derek Zoolander would do, but it’s actually the process of making time-lapse videos using publicly available snapshots — and it’s very cool. Slate

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Logical Reasonings / 2.27.15

A) How do law school grades work? Like other grades, mostly. LawSchooli

B) Above the Law thinks the two schools that eliminated the LSAT requirement just found another way to screw students.

C) Interested in writing for a law review? ‘Cuz Stanford has 10 of them (note: this sentence has not been peer-reviewed). jdMission

D) The U.S. is one step closer to getting a new attorney general. Wall Street Journal

E) The ocean’s freezing in Nantucket. Why do people live in the northeast again? New York Times

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What’s A Law Review?

Before I decided to seriously pursue a career in law or to attend law school, I had a lot of misperceptions about the process of attaining a law degree. I was particularly confused about one aspect of legal education: law review.

It seems like every successful politician or serious academic—assuming they attended law school—was, at one time or another, the editor-in-chief of his or her law review. I knew there was something prestigious about this mysterious position, but I had no idea what it actually entailed. So, now that I’m actually in law school, I’d like to shed some light on law review for all you prospective applicants.

First, what is law review? Law review is an academic journal that publishes articles by professors and other scholars in a variety of legal practices.