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Logical Reasonings / 5.6.16

A. Surprise, surprise. A bunch of people don’t like the law school ranking regime. Quartz

B. Trump celebrates Cinco de Mayo precisely how you’d think. Daily Kos

C. It appears that Paul Ryan is being presented with his own Profiles in Courage moment. ABC

D. Future estate lawyers, behold the unholy mess that is Prince’s estate. No will. No nuthin’. CNBC

E. If you read this blog, chances are your post-graduation options come down to teaching K-12 or being a lawyer. This might help you make that decision. Huffington Post

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Logical Reasonings / 3.8.16

A. Lisa Friedrich paints with gunpowder and lights it on fire. We did that too, and we ended up in juvenile hall. PBS

B. Omigoshdidyouhear? A portion of the US News & World Report law school rankings was accidentally leaked. Above the Law

C. A Brink’s security guard stole $196,000. ALL QUARTERS. CNN

D. Primaries are happening in four states. Keep updated. The New York Times

E. And in related news, Latinos are applying for citizenship in record numbers so they can vote against Donald Trump. Fox News

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Logical Reasonings / 7.2.15

A) Above the Law’s take on Bloomberg’s “Top 10 Most Underrated Law Schools.” (Hint: They don’t like it.) Above the Law

B) Stanford announced that tuition will be free to anyone from families that makes less than $125,000 per year. If only law schools would follow suit! Second Nexus

C) The Justice Department is investigating whether airlines colluded to keep flights full and ticket prices high. Ouch. The New York Times

D) Are you sick of hearing about the Duggars yet? Well, too bad, because it was just announced that one of the victims of Josh Duggar’s molestation is suing him. Buckle your seatbelts, everyone. InTouch Weekly

E) Just in time for the long weekend, The Atlantic investigates day drinking and concludes that low-alcohol beer is the best choice for drinking all day. Bottoms up! The Atlantic

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Logical Reasonings / 7.1.15

A) A jury ruled that the former University of Iowa Law dean didn’t politically discriminate when she said “no thanks” to a conservative who wanted to join the faculty. ABC

B) Here are the “10 most underrated law schools” based on an alternative ranking system developed by a law professor, as compared to USNWR. Campbell Class of 2019? Bloomberg

C) The California legislature has been busy lately. Today, a law takes effect that guarantees paid sick leave to all full-time and part-time employees. USA Today

D) A study found that most major law firms don’t give very much money to support legal aid. Too busy redesigning their offices, presumably. The New York Times

E) Tonight, Venus and Jupiter will appear closer together than they have in almost a decade. National Geographic

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Logical Reasonings / 6.1.15

A) Here’s a guide to LSAC’s Credential Assembly Service (known as CAS to us hip cats). U.S. News and World Report

B) Why is Yale only number 5 in Above the Law‘s new law school rankings? It all comes down to jobs.

C) Will grad school help you become a D.C. power player? Probably not as much as simple hard work will. Roll Call

D) Caitlyn Jenner just broke President Obama’s Twitter record for fastest account to one million followers. Business Insider

E) Coldplay’s fake Game of Thrones musical is fantastic and I wish it was real… Watch it, even if you’re a Coldplay hater. Funny or Die

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Logical Reasonings / 8.27.14

Undergrad class choices matter on law school applications? So much for my Rhythmic Gymnastics minor. US News

Why law school rankings matter more than for other programs. T14 or bust! Forbes

Law school in Canada is much different. Above The Law

Who’s who in the trail of former Virginia governor Bob McDonnell. All very interesting, but my question is “Who are they wearing?” Wall Street Journal

The best of Lionel Hutz, Attorney at Law. Works on contingency? No, money down! Above The Law

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Logical Reasonings / 7.23.14

A) There are many common misconceptions about law school. Hey, look, there’s three now. Above the Law.

B) Even Canada has law school rankings, eh. Above the Law.

C) Being a lawyer involves reading a lot of emails. Even some from inmates. New York Times.

D) You may be 550 pounds, but that doesn’t mean you can end house arrest early. ABA Journal.

E) Add Jack White to the rolodex of sad famous dude memes. Huffington Post.

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Blueprint LSAT Prep Instructor: How I Chose Columbia Law

Yuko Sin is an instructor and blogger for Blueprint LSAT Prep. He is starting at Columbia Law School this fall, and will be writing a series of law school-related posts about his experiences. Here’s part one.

Believe it or not, some people will choose a law school based purely on the school’s place in the US News Rankings. Some think they’re being more clever by using the “Specialty Rankings.” Still others are attracted to such fringe benefits as having to swear off sex and booze – I’m looking at you BYU applicants.

For me, choosing a law school was all about cost of attendance versus job placement. I found that indeed, Puffy Daddy was right, it is all about the Benjamins.

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Blueprint LSAT Prep Instructor: Why I’m Going to Law School

Yuko Sin is an instructor and blogger for Blueprint LSAT Prep. He is starting at Columbia Law School this fall, and will be writing a series of law school-related posts about his experiences. Stay tuned!

There are about 300 law schools in the United States, and getting into at least one of them is pretty easy. But, for many, going to law school is a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad idea.

Still, going to law school can also be a good idea. I’ll tell you how I made my choice to go, and I’ll share some links to help you decide whether law school is right for you.

The Personal Reasons: Why Law?

In 2006, near the height of the law school boom, I went into my undergrad thinking I’d continue on to law school out of some vague ideas about a proclivity for writing and debate in high school.

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Another Law School Ranking System: Any Good?

One thing no one has ever said: “You know, there just aren’t enough law school rankings out there.” U.S. News & World Report is the biggie, of course; it’s also criticized for many reasons, particularly for not placing enough emphasis on employment outcomes.

In response to the criticism, others have created their own system of rankings. Above the Law has its own system of rankings that places a higher emphasis on employment outcomes and alumni satisfaction. Thomas M. Cooley School of Law infamously has its own ranking system that emphasizes factors such as student body size and number of books in the library and, coincidentally, tends to place Cooley Law in the top 20 ahead of schools such as Duke and Stanford.