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Top 3 Legal TV Shows I Didn’t Watch in 2011

When I was contemplating how to write a post on legal TV shows, something dawned on me: Aside from delightful Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler-filled SVU re-runs, I don’t really watch legal TV shows. Cops shows? Sure. I live to see what cheesy one-liner will end the opening scene of CSI:Miami. You know, the one Horatio will say right before you hear this. Sitcoms? No prob. Nothing and no one brings me quite the same joy that Ron Swanson can. But legal TV shows have never really scratched any of my itches (aside from a brief tryst I had with The Practice back in high school). That said, I did some digging and found a few legal TV shows that both you and I might want to give a shot in the New Year (assuming they get/got renewed).

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Lights, Camera, Alex: No One’s Greater than Spader

If any of you live with or know someone whose profession is one oft-featured on television or in film (lawyer, doctor, etc.) then you are surely well acquainted with the incessant, “That’s not how it happens in real life!” bellyaching.

Well I hope you like it, because here comes some more!

As part of reading this post, I’m going to ask you to drink in one minute and forty-four seconds of Boston Legal, courtesy of this performance by James Spader: