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Logical Reasonings / 10.15.18

A. The U.S. News & World Report is asking the tough questions. Like, what is a good LSAT score? Spoiler: they tend to be the higher scores. U.S. News & World Report

B. A helpful list of which LSATs the top 100 law schools will accept during this application cycle. Powerscore

C. If you’re a bargain hunter (and who isn’t with recent news about law school loans?) here’s National Jurist‘s list of the best value private law schools. National Jurist

D. The Thomas Jefferson School of Law has been on life support for the past couple years. The latest sign that the school is troubled? The dean just declared her independence from the institution. Above the Law

E. Surprisingly, How to Get Away with Murder, which enters its fifth very melodramatic season this year, gives a semi-realistic portrayal of law school. ABA Journal

Logical Reasonings / 10.12.18

A. The Public Service Loan Forgiveness program promised people that, after 10 years of work in the public sector, Uncle Sam would discharge their outstanding student loans. After 10 years … less than 1% of applicants (only 96 people!) have had their loans discharged. Law.com

B. Does that make you want to say, “Screw the public sector, I’m about my money”? In that case, here are the law schools with the highest average salaries for graduates. Big Law Business

C. Ouch. The ABA isn’t allowing former students of the recently shuttered Arizona Summit School of Law to complete their degrees at the neighboring Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at ASU. ABA Journal

D. The ABA is also bringing its wrath upon the University of Puerto Rico School of Law. ABA Journal

E. We hope everyone in the southeast can stay safe this week. NBC News

Logical Reasonings / 10.10.18

A. Hawaii is 6 hours behind Eastern Time, and about 6 months behind law school trends: the University of Hawaii William S. Richardson School of Law will accept the GRE this application cycle. Above the Law

B. Law students across the nation are starting a three-day walkout to protest the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, with the stated goal of pressuring lawmakers to impeach the Justice for perjury. The Chronicle of Higher Education

C. Meanwhile, Kavanaugh had his first day at his new job, where he apparently lost a few “face offs” with his new colleges. SCOTUSblog

D. National Jurist ponders whether there will be enough jobs for the uptick in the number of people applying to law school. National Jurist

E. Good news on that front: the legal sector reversed a two-month trend of losing jobs, adding 1,200 jobs in September. ABA Journal

Logical Reasonings / 10.8.18

A. Tonight is the absolute last night to register for the November LSAT, or to request accommodations for the November LSAT. You have until 11:59 pm Eastern. LSAC

B. Here are some tips for how a super-motivated, ambitious, type A law student — we know this describes at least some of you — can cope with 1L. Above the Law

C. Maybe you heard … there’s a new Supreme Court Justice. NY Times

D. Not everyone was chugging beers in response to this development, however. Over 160 protestors were arrested following the confirmation on Sunday. Politico

E. Today in They Don’t Teach You This in Your Professional Ethics Class: As a judge, finding the most offensive way possible to point out that time travel doesn’t exist is a bad idea. ABA Journal

Logical Reasonings / 10.5.18

A. Perhaps as a consequence of #MeToo, workplace sexual harassment lawsuits brought by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has risen 50% over last year. Above the Law

B. There’s still a ways to go though, even among future attorneys. Less than a week after 1Ls at St. John’s Law were caught ranking their classmates based on attractiveness, 1Ls at Cornell were caught doing the same thing. Ick-atha. Above the Law

C. A D.C. law student credits Senator Bernie Sanders with saving her life. People

D. Meanwhile, a D.C. judge credits Senator Susan Collins with saving his seat on the Supreme Court. NBC News

E. The ABA, for whatever it’s worth, will reassess its endorsement of said judge, after previously deeming him “Well Qualified.” ABA Journal

Logical Reasonings / 10.4.18

A. We gave our take on the digital test yesterday. Here’s another. Kaplan Prep Test

B. “There’s a lot of things you can do with a law degree” is vague. This is a bit more specific. National Jurist\

C. The statement “I still like beer” is hard to make bad, but an arguably tone-deaf event by the FedSoc found a way to do so. Above the Law

D. The FBI report on Kavanaugh was sent to Senate today and the confirmation vote could be as soon as Saturday. Washington Post

E. Retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens (and Republican appointment) said Kavanaugh’s confirmation testimony was “disqualifying.” @LuluRamadan

Logical Reasonings / 10.3.18

A. It bears repeating: the LSAT is going digital next September. @Official_LSAT

B. A new study found that 56% of law school admissions offices check out applicants’ social media accounts, so clean up those Instagrams, everyone. Kaplan Test Prep

C. He took his seat, now he’s taking his school: Justice Neil Gorsuch taught classes at George Mason University’s Antonin Scalia Law School this supper. Above the Law

D. Today in They Don’t Teach You This in Your Professional Ethics Class (File under: Especially if you’re the Professional Ethics professor): You’ll probably have to resign if the law school you teach for uncovers a book in which you say some sexist and homophobic stuff. ABA Journal

E. Sedwick, previously one the nation’s largest law firms, has filed for bankruptcy. Law.com

Logical Reasonings / 10.2.18

A. SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh will no longer teach a seminar at the Harvard Law this year, after hundred of grad students expressed their opposition to his role as a lecturer at the school. Washington Post

B. In even crazier news, Kavanaugh was questioned by the police in 1985, following a bar scuffle with a man he mistook for Ali Campbell, the lead singer of the band UB40, after attending a UB40 concert. Kids who don’t know what UB40 was: does this song make you want to brawl? NY Times

C. An anonymous 1L discusses all the “Brett Kavanaughs” — read: privileged white dudes destined for power — you encounter in law school. Above the Law

D. Here’s a rundown of the new trade agreement between the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, the USMCA … or, uss-mick-ah … which doesn’t quite roll of the tongue like NAFTA did. Vox

E. Today in They Don’t Teach You This in Your Professional Ethics Class: When you’re already a notorious attorney who representing Suge Knight in his murder case, you probably shouldn’t go around cashing $1 million in stolen tax return checks. LA Times

Logical Reasonings / 10.1.18

A. No matter the score you got on the September LSAT, this is good advice. @SpiveyConult

B. Studying for the LSAT is hard, but some would argue the bar is even more arduous. Here are some tips on choosing the right bar prep class, meant for those who aren’t going to just plop down the cost of the most expensive course. Above the Law

C. Pro-tip: When you’re at law school, you’re there to learn about the law and make professional connections. You’re not there to rank the attractiveness of your fellow students, as some students at St. John’s University School of Law did. Above the Law

D. Congressional Democrats passed the first hurdle in their emoluments lawsuit against Trump: proving that they have standing. Washington Post

E. Today in They Don’t Teach You This in Your Professional Ethics Class: No matter how many retweets it gets, a snarky response to a Sarah Huckabee Sanders tweet might draw the ire of some of the partners at your law firm. ABA Journal

Logical Reasonings / 9.28.18

A. September LSAT scores will be released tomorrow, and if you need a distraction from that, well, this whole Kavanaugh ordeal is providing more than enough details to get lost in. First, a lot of people called for an FBI investigation into the accusations levied against Kavanaugh. Rachel Mitchell, the prosecutor who questioned Ford and Kavanaugh yesterday, was one person who suggested that maybe the FBI should look into this. NY Times

B. Another call for an FBI investigation came from the ABA, which previously determined that Kavanaugh was “very qualified” for the seat. ABA Journal

C. Yet another request came from Kavanaugh’s alma matter, Yale. Above the Law

D. And, most importantly, a demand for an investigation came Senator Jeff Flake of the Judiciary Committee, who said he’d only approve of Kavanaugh’s nomination after an investigation is performed. CNN

E. So the Senate will open a week-long FBI investigation into these accusations. Vox