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Logical Reasonings / 2.15.19

A. The January scores came out today, which means you either got the score you were hoping for, and you’re in need of some applications advice … Blueprint LSAT

B. … or it’s not the score you were hoping for, and you’re in need of some retake advice. Blueprint LSAT

C. In what has to be a worst-case scenario for applications, one applicant had his offer of acceptance rescinded from UGA Law due to his DACA status. WTGS FOX 28

D. At least he didn’t apply to this school … a fake college set up by ICE. Detroit Free Press

E. More on immigration law: the ACLU announced it would sue Trump over the President’s national emergency declaration — the first suit of many, in all likelihood. @ACLU

Logical Reasonings / 2.13.19

A. Ever wondered why you can’t use mechanical pencils on the LSAT? LSAC is afraid you might put tiny cameras in there to record … stuff? Like, a bunch of sweaty pre-law types, we guess? At any rate, let’s have a moment of silence for the thousands of trees who sacrificed their beauty to become LSAT-required wooden pencils. ABA Journal

B. Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, so here’s a little pillow talk for all you star-crossed lovers — you know, to set the ~mood~ — try asking your SO how much student debt they have. Above the Law

C. Above the Law also reminded their readers about the worst-case scenario interruption of the 2008 California bar exam. Above the Law

D. Forbes ruminates on the future of law schools. Forbes

E. Today in They Don’t Teach You That in Your Professional Ethics Class: You can’t just, like, pretend to have a kid, and pretend that the kid has cancer, in order explain away a low LSAT score. And then you can’t use that same lie again to get a continuance for your trial. And then use the same lie twice more. People will eventually catch on. ABA Journal

Logical Reasonings / 2.8.19

A. Yikes — the company that operates Western State College of Law at Argosy in Irvine, California was placed under receivership, which means that students still haven’t gotten their student loan disbursements; many are struggling to pay for living expenses. Above the Law

B. Speaking of the financial realities of attending law school, LSAC just posted an in-depth discussion of that very issue. LSAC

C. Memes that are funny if — and, in all likelihood, only if — you’re a law student. Above the Law

D. Over on Law:Fully, a profile on Mamadou Jawo, a law student at the University of Wisconsin from small West African country The Gambia. Law:Fully

E. Con Law authority Erwin Chemerinsky sees recent SCOTUS decisions as a harbinger of a very conservative future. ABA Journal

Logical Reasonings / 2.6.19

A. Los Angeles-based Loyola Law School received a $1 million donation to help law students with disabilities reach prominent positions in the legal field. ABA Journal

B. The last for-profit law school left in the once-mighty InfiLaw’s portfolio — Florida Coastal Law School — will become a non-profit institution, and attempt to triple in size. Daily Business Review

C. Many are speaking out against the popular Instagram account — with a name that we can’t print in a family blog, but let’s just say it rhymes with @DuckJerry — for profiting off of stolen jokes and memes. Above the Law discusses the legal reckoning that may be coming for that, and similar, social media accounts. Above the Law

D. Vault took a look at a day in the life of a public defender. Vault

E. Apparently Virginians will have to go to at least the third-in-line to the current governor to find a state leader who hasn’t worn blackface. NBC News

Logical Reasonings / 2.4.19

A. The Richmond Times-Dispatch profiled Hallie Hovey-Murray, a law student at the College of William & Mary who is advocating on behalf of students who, like herself, are on the autism spectrum. Oh and she’s also competing to become Miss Virginia on the side. Richmond Times-Dispatch

B. Law:Fully — LSAC’s legal blog — profiled Kendeil Dorvilier, a first-generation college grad and law student at Villanova, to get her perspective on why she chose a legal career. Law:Fully

C. Law schools and legal employers gathered ’round a couple weeks ago to talk about the future of legal employment at the National Association for Law Placement (NALP) Recruiting Summit. Since that will soon be relevant to your legal employment, here’s what they talked about.Above the Law

D. Presently, however, legal employment remains flat. National Law Journal

E. Did you call in sick from work today? Apparently 17 million other people had the same idea. Washington Post

Logical Reasonings / 2.1.19

A. Still on the fence about whether to cancel your January LSAT score? You have until 11:59 pm Eastern to make that call. LSAC

B. But for real, you probably shouldn’t cancel. Blueprint LSAT

C. Think you had a rough day? This Louisiana public defender had to handle 194 felony cases in one day. NY Times

D. The immigration court system — already the most chaotic of our court systems — got a whole lot more chaotic yesterday. Hundreds of people, who were told that they needed to appear before an immigration court on Thursday, showed up and then were told that their cases — whoopsies — didn’t actually get scheduled because of the government shutdown. Washington Post

E. The Super Bowl will go on as expected this weekend, since a judge refused to employ the seldom-used legal remedy writ of mandamus to order a do over of the controversial Saints vs. Rams NFC Championship game. Unlike pass interference, legal decisions are reviewable, however. ABA Journal

Logical Reasonings / 1.31.19

A. A reminder to January LSAT takers who want to Bird Box their LSAT score: tomorrow is the last day to cancel your score. LSAC

B. Yale Law School, perhaps unsurprisingly, is the best law school for landing an illustrious federal clerkship. Above the Law

C. Some details on how income-based student loan repayment programs work. Above the Law

C. Continuing with today’s post about the Fyre Fest: apparently the Fyre Fest founder will be joining the Jersey Shore‘s The Situation and maybe even Trump “fixer” Michael Cohen at one of America’s “cushiest” prisons. Insider

E. Today in They Don’t Teach You This in Your Professional Ethics Class: Apparently offering free legal advice to donors on your GoFundMe page is a no no. West Virginia Record

Logical Reasonings / 1.28.19

A. Pondering whether to cancel your January LSAT score? Here’s LSAC’s cancellation policy. LSAC

B. But should you cancel? Probably not. Here’s why. Blueprint LSAT

C. If you’re studying for a later LSAT, let Timothée Chalamet reading at an award show be your spirit animal. @Kosherhotdogz

D. On utilizing the KonMarie method during law school, a period where few collectables will spark joy. Above the Law

E. Today in They Don’t Teach You This in Your Professional Ethics Class: There is a sacred oath that prevents all those who don judicial robes from secretly recording each other. Violations of this oath will result in two months suspension without pay. ABA Journal

Logical Reasonings / 1.25.19

A. From all your pals at Blueprint, best of luck to everyone taking the January LSAT tomorrow.

B. And if the test tomorrow looks daunting, look on the bright side … at least you get to take the test? That’s more than those who registered for the February D.C. bar exam can say. The federal government shutdown may prevent many from taking that kind-of-important test. Above the Law

C. And the D.C. denizens who already passed the bar exam will have to wait a while to be sworn in and officially become an attorney, too. Law.com

D. More bar talk: the ABA ponders tightening bar exam passage standards for law schools, in light of the flagging bar passage rates in many states. ABA Journal

E. All this talk about the LSAT, law school, and the bar exam is getting me stressed out. Is it getting you stressed out? Well, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Some people who become lawyers get to be happy lawyers. Especially if they went to UVA Law, apparently, which boasts a 91% life satisfaction rate among its grads. University of Virginia Law

Logical Reasonings / 1.18.19

A. Today is the last day to upload your admission ticket photo to LSAC, so please don’t forget to follow the rules and upload your most professional selfie. LSAC

B, LSAC’s latest podcast breaks down the numbers — like, what’s the number of students who are taking the LSAT this year and applying to law school, and will that number go up or down in the future? LSAC

D. The year is young but we already have a contender for 2019’s most innovative idea for law school. Above the Law

C. On the importance of grit in legal education. Above the Law

E. We also have a contender for ad of the year. YouTube