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Reading Comp book giveaway ends TODAY at 5 pm PDT!

Did you hear? Of course you heard: Blueprint’s new LSAT book, The Blueprint for LSAT Reading Comprehension, debuted this week to great fanfare, and we’re giving away a bunch of free copies to celebrate! Today’s your last day to enter to win. At 5 pm PDT, this promotion is over. Gone. Kaput. Dead. No more.

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Enter to win a free copy of The Blueprint for LSAT Reading Comprehension!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get the entire Reading Comp curriculum of the best-in-the-nation Blueprint LSAT Prep course boiled down into a book? Wouldn’t it be even better if that book cost $0.00? Wouldn’t it be unicorns-and-flying-carpets-magical if you could get that deal right now, staring at your phone/computer/tablet in your PJs?

Well, guess what?

Um, no, we didn’t get you a puppy for Christmas. No, that’s not Beyonce over there, just some chick with great hair and a winning smile.

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Logical Reasonings / 7.16.15

A) We want to give YOU a copy of The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games for free ninety-nine. That’s right, zero dollars. Read all about the details. Blueprint LSAT Prep

B) Which grad students rack up the most student debt? Spoiler alert: it doesn’t look great for law students. NPR

C) Aside from their obvious applications with regard to law school admissions, most of the time we find that our transcripts aren’t all that useful. Some schools are trying to change that. Chronicle

D) The next time you hear someone complaining about NASA’s trip to Pluto, you can point out that it still cost less than the new Minnesota Vikings stadium. CBS Local

E) Instagram was down for a bit today. As you’d expect, everyone freaked out. Buzzfeed

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Logical Reasonings / 10.31.14

Just a couple more days to enter our caption contest and win a Logic Games book… MSS

Make sure to clean up your social media presence before you apply to law school. Pen and Chisel

Law school according to (fake) Kanye West. Thought Catalog

6 horror movie villains who do NOT belong in jail. I’ll add the plants from The Happening, though in that case M. Night Shyamalan should go to jail for shoddy storytelling. Above The Law

The best Halloween costumes on the internet. Don’t feel bad about yours, though. io9

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In It Together: Advice on Studying for the LSAT With a Partner

Misery loves company, as they say, so if you have a friend who is also studying for the LSAT you’ve probably already discovered the joys of commiserating about the devious questions created for you by LSAC.

That’s all well and good, but perhaps you and your friend have decided to take your relationship to the next level. Perhaps you’re ready to take the leap and start – yep, you guessed it – studying together.

First of all, you’ll want to find a quiet location. Light some candles. Put on some mood music and open a bottle of wine – wait, scratch that last part. In all seriousness, even though studying with a friend might involve more talking than your normal studying, you’ll still want to find a relatively quiet place to work. You’ll likely be spending a fair amount of time working on questions independently, so it’s important that you’re able to concentrate.

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Caption Contest for a Free Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games

Blueprint LSAT Prep’s latest caption contest is all business in the front, party in the back.

That’s because you’re just one funny comment away from winning a free copy of our LSAT book, The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games. All you have to do is submit a funny, LSAT or prelaw-related caption for the above photo. We’ll pick our favorite one, and the lucky scribe will win a free LSAT book. Ain’t no thing but a chicken wing, right?

The key is to be creative. Here are some past examples of Most Strongly Supported caption contest winners, to give you an idea.

We’ll announce the winner next week right here on the LSAT blog.

If you’ve already won a caption contest on the LSAT blog before, sorry, but you’re not eligible.

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Caption Contest: Win a Free Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games

Put on your hazmat suit. It’s time for another Blueprint LSAT Prep caption contest.

Comment below with the funniest pre-law-related caption for the above photo, and you could win a free copy of The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games. We’ll announce one winner — picked by the Blueprint LSAT Prep staff — next week right here on the LSAT blog.

Limit one entry per person. Previous Blueprint LSAT Prep contest winners are ineligible.

Remember to keep your comment funny but unoffensive. If you need inspiration, here are some previous caption contests we’ve run on the LSAT blog.

That being said…fire away!

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How You Can Start Prepping for the June LSAT Now

So you pulled the trigger and registered for the June LSAT. Things are starting to get real, but it ain’t no thang – you’ve signed up for that LSAT prep course. (You’re taking Blueprint, right?). Last we checked, it’s not anywhere close to June yet (thanks a lot, polar vortex), but still, maybe you can’t help but feel antsy. For those of you looking for a bit of a head start, here are four key things you can do now before your LSAT prep course begins this spring:

How to Start Prepping for the June LSAT Now I: Read all the things!
Reading and processing information is a foundational skill on the LSAT, so the more of this you do, the better. Content-wise, the LSAT draws from a wide range of subjects and disciplines, so aim for more variety than, say, your ex’s Twitter feed. Our advice: just read everything — The Wall Street Journal, Wikipedia, The Onion, Marcel Proust, product labels (speaking of, what is methochloroisothiazolinone, and what is it doing in my shampoo?).

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Caption Contest Winners and New LSAT Book Giveaway

Blueprint LSAT Prep really needs to invest in a t-shirt gun. Not only would it make us look cool, but we’d be able to distribute more shirts to deserving recipients — like all of those who participated in last week’s caption contest right here on the LSAT blog.

Alas, we could only pick one commenter taking the October LSAT and one commenter taking the December LSAT to win a brand spankin’ new Blueprint LSAT Prep t-shirt. The competition among October LSAT test-takers was particularly tight, but here are the caption contest champs (along with the photo that they had to caption):

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Top 3 Questions I Receive in LSAT Tutoring

After tutoring dozens of students over the last couple years, I’ve noticed that I get asked about a few things over and over. While I hate to risk putting myself out of work by sharing my secrets, I’m catching up on Mad Men on Netflix and every hour of tutoring is an hour that I’m missing out on watching Don’s antics. So without further ado, here are the top three questions I hear in LSAT tutoring, as well as some tips for solving each.

1. Trouble finding deductions in LSAT Logic Games

Deductions are amazing and life-saving for LSAT Logic Games, but they can be a big stumbling block for some students. My tutorees aren’t sure how to find them, and they aren’t sure how to tell when they’ve found all of the deductions and can proceed to the questions.