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New Pre-Law Book Giveaway, Plus Caption Contest Winner

As you know, Blueprint LSAT Preparation recently gave away five free copies of our brand new LSAT book, The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games. If you missed out on the drawing, don’t sweat it. We’ve got another pre-law book giveaway to announce right here, right now.

This time, though, we’re giving away five free copies of Law School Expert Ann Levine‘s books The Law School Admission Game (two copies) and The Law School Decision Game (three copies).

Both books are great resources for applying to law school, covering everything from the factors you should weigh in choosing a school to what you can expect working for Big Law. See for yourself in this review of The Law School Decision Game.

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Announcing the Winners in Our LSAT Book Giveaway

The entries are in, and it’s time to give away five free copies of Blueprint LSAT Prep’s first LSAT book, The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games. So if your name is on the following list, today is your lucky day:

LSAT book giveaway winners:

-Kristine Choi

-Serena Lee

-Robert Young

-Alè Dalton

-Katie Rogers

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7 Days Left to Win a Free Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games

No one reads beyond the first paragraph of online content anymore, so right off the bat, here are the rules you must follow to be entered to win a free copy of Blueprint LSAT Prep’s brand new LSAT book, The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games:

1. Live in the United States

2. “Like” Blueprint LSAT Prep’s Facebook page

3. “+1” Blueprint LSAT Prep’s Google+ page

4. Email the links to your Facebook and Google+ profile to hank.layton@blueprintprep.com (make sure the +1s tab on your Google+ profile is set to “show this tab on your profile”)

Now that you’ve stopped reading, here are the details…

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Most Spring Blueprint LSAT Prep Classes Start Next Weekend

The clock is ticking, June LSAT test-takers who haven’t signed up for an LSAT prep course yet.

And/or people who haven’t done their taxes yet.

In fact, most of the spring Blueprint LSAT Prep classes start next weekend. Two of them are already underway. So if you want to feel like the most confident sonofagun on June LSAT test day, you’d better enroll in an LSAT course or call us today. (The number’s 888-4-BP-PREP.) Don’t forget about our online LSAT prep course, if that’s more up your alley.

Here’s when and where the rest of our spring LSAT prep courses are getting started, as well as the instructor teaching it:

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Win a Free Copy of The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games

Not sure if you heard the news, but Blueprint LSAT Prep recently released our own LSAT book called The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games. No big deal or anything, but it’s expected to completely revolutionize the way people study for LSAT Logic Games. Again, NBD.

If you’d like to be in on the action, you’re in luck. We’re giving away five free copies of The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games.

You can read more about The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games here, but the LSAT book essentially condenses the LSAT Logic Games portion of a Blueprint LSAT Prep course into 561 pages and uses our signature insight and wit to break down 35 real LSAT Logic Games released by Law Services.

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For March Equinox, We Ask: Is Day or Night LSAT Prep Best?

The vernal equinox is upon us! For those of us who’ve forgotten what you learned in middle school Earth Science, that means it’s the first day of spring. It also means that today, and today only, will have equal parts day and night. As we go forward, you June LSAT test-takers will get more and more daylight, but the 12/12 split we get today got us to thinking about studying for the LSAT:

Is it better to prepare for the LSAT during the bright daytime hours, or under the cover of darkness?

Let’s take a look at each one’s case…

LSAT PREP IN THE DAYTIME – A bonus right off the bat with LSAT prep in the daytime is, you never have to be in search of light.

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Logical Reasonings / 3.19.13

A) Check out this post on Ann Levine’s blog about our new LSAT book, The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games. Law School Expert.

B) You can never be too informed when considering law school. US News and World Report.

C) Here’s a list of the top 10 most popular law schools in the country. But remember: It’s not a popularity contest. US News and World Report.

D) Florida Coastal School of Law is trying something called “assured outcomes” that is assured to raise some eyebrows. Inside Higher Ed.

E) Breaking news: News anchor proposed to on live TV. Latest development: She said yes. CNN.

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Logical Reasonings / 3.18.13

A) Word of Blueprint LSAT Prep’s new LSAT book, The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games, has spread. The Ivey Files.

B) Surprise, surprise: The ABA votes to keep the LSAT. ABA Journal.

C) Want to improve your chances of law school financial aid? Here are three tips. Law Admissions Lowdown.

D) History Channel’s “The Bible” had a Satan character, and he looked a lot like President Obama. USA Today.

E) The photographic evidence you digest, the more you realize the ’90’s were just awful. BuzzFeed.

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June LSAT Prep Must: The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games

It’s an interesting time in the world right now. There’s no Pope. Justin Bieber is in the early stages of his downfall. And Kim Jong-un is threatening to nuke America — despite Dennis Rodman’s best(?) efforts to convince him otherwise.

Also, the transition into June LSAT prep mode is happening right now. Law school applications numbers are expected to continue to fall, so most people taking the June LSAT really want to get into law school. As always, the higher your LSAT, the better your chances of admission. But if you want a high LSAT score, it’s going to take some work. And some help.

Enter: The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games — the new LSAT book from Blueprint LSAT Prep.

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It’s Time to Transition into June LSAT Prep Mode

Now that February LSAT scores are out, the June LSAT looms ahead. If you’re planning on taking the June LSAT, it’s okay if you haven’t done much of anything yet. As time goes by, your inaction will become less and less OK. Kind of like a 40-year-old showing up to work in a high schooler’s wardrobe: what once looked perfectly normal starts to work against you.

First of all: go to LSAC’s website and register for the June LSAT. Do it as soon as you can. The earlier you register, the better the choice of June LSAT testing centers you’ll have. Getting your pick of June LSAT test centers now will keep you from having to spend the night before the June LSAT in some godforsaken motel by the freeway somewhere, listening to the regular clientele entertain their clientele. More importantly, once you’re registered for the June LSAT you can circle June 10 on your calendar as the day you’ll take the June LSAT.