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Why You May Not Like Your Next LSAT Practice Exam Score

As the October LSAT draws nearer and Blueprint’s LSAT classes progress through their lessons, the time has come for many of you to take your second LSAT practice exam.

Interpreting the results from the second LSAT practice exam can be a challenge. You probably haven’t covered every kind of LSAT question yet, and you probably haven’t done much to work on your pacing. That’s perfectly normal, and your goal on the second LSAT practice exam should be to improve your accuracy on the questions you get to of the types you’ve covered. But this means that as you review, the practice LSAT score doesn’t tell the whole story.

Most students see their LSAT scores go up on the second practice exam. Some don’t. It’s reasonably common for the score to go down a little bit, too.

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Study: LSAT Prep with Blueprint Makes You Smarter

A study in neuroanatomy from UC Berkeley using students from Blueprint LSAT Preparation classes verifies what we at Blueprint LSAT Prep have long suspected: studying for the LSAT makes you smarter*. In fact, reading the word “neuroanatomy” probably just increased your IQ at least incrementally.

The study, which exclusively used Blueprint LSAT Prep students enrolled in our in-class, three-month course of LSAT study as test subjects, found that when compared with a control group not training for the LSAT, Blueprint students exhibited “decreases in radical diffusivity (RD) in white matter connecting frontal cortices, and in mean diffusivity (MD) within frontal and parietal lobe white matter.” Yeah, baby.

Um, what?

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The LSAT Prep Adventures of Cecilia Tsoukalos: Ready to Run

Cecilia Tsoukalos is an employee of Blueprint LSAT Preparation’s main office. She is enrolled in one of our spring courses and has agreed to blog about her experience (under a pseudonym, of course). Catch up by reading last week’s introductory post.

We meet again, fellow LSAT prep students. As most LSAT classes are well underway (those of you in our expansion locations are a bit behind the rest of us) you may notice that we’ve moved on from book one, the dinosaur era, and are wading through bubbling lava in book two. And it only took two weeks. If anyone else is shocked at how fast it went, let’s start a club. Just know that I get to be club president because it’s my blog post, excuse my totalitarianism.

How’s about we take a look back at everything we’ve worked through thus far.