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4 Helpful Diversions to Put You in LSAT Game Mode

LSAT games. Some love them, some hate them. Wherever you land, it couldn’t possibly hurt your prospects to get a bit friendlier with them. So cuddle up, because here are but a few welcome diversions to get you into LSAT games mode, just in time for the June LSAT.

Diversion #1 to Put You in LSAT Game Mode: Golf

Before you start with the lamentations about how boring golf is, at least read this paragraph. Then you can start with the lamentations. Golf, much like LSAT games, depends on proper strategy to do well. You have to decide what length and angle of shot you want into the green before you decide what you’re going to hit off the tee. In other words, you need to set yourself up for success. On an LSAT game, you need to figure out proper strategy and get a good set up before you start answering questions. See? No reason to lament.

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The Ins and Outs of LSAT Grouping Games

For some reason, people tend to dislike the LSAT’s grouping games more than ordering games. Maybe it’s the missing visual element. Maybe it’s the short rules that make you feel like you’re missing something. Maybe it’s the awkward overtones of needing to segregate people named Jabrohn and Juarez. Whatever the case, leaving the familiar territory of ordering games can be scary.

But it needn’t be.

Grouping games on the LSAT can be broken into four categories: You’re either having one person follow another, saying two people can’t be together, saying two people have to be together, or saying you need at least one of two people. Nothing tricky here, and nothing we haven’t seen (as they’re all built off of conditional relationships). Nonetheless, here’s a breakdown of grouping games to help you perform better on your upcoming LSAT.