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My First Starbucks Date with the LSAT

Well, there I was at Starbucks. Kids running around, people ordering their drinks in Starbucks-ese, and me, taking my first practice LSAT. I decided to take my first practice test cold. I didn’t know anything about the test. Nada. As luck would have it, Logic Games was my first section.

I better do well. This is like…an IQ test. You can’t study for those things. I think I heard that somewhere. Oprah, or was it Maury? Wait. Of course it isn’t Maury. It’s Oprah, duh. Anyway, focus! There’s only 35 minutes left.

Back when I took the test, logic games were perfectly fitted on a single page. There was no white space whispering, “Hey, write on me, please. It might help you. I like notes.”

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The LSAT (And Chinese Food) Is Like a Box of Chocolates

Last week, I wrote about the thrill of success when studying for the LSAT or speaking Chinese (and, as it turns out, I’m defining “success” quite loosely here). Sometimes, you’ll experience that exhilarating moment where you take a leap and it turns out that you can fly – you get -0 on a Reading Comprehension passage for the first time, or you do ten Necessary questions in a row and get them all correct.

I wish, for your sake and for mine, that LSAT prep was always about such happy moments. However, that is not the case – as you probably know, LSAT prep is not all sunshine and roses. Sometimes it will be full of small victories and triumphant moments, but…