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What to Do During October LSAT Crunch Time

You have about three and a half weeks before the October LSAT. It’s crunch time. But you’re probably busy with school, work, or both. What to do, what to do? Well, here are some tips.

Focus On Logic Games

The Logic Games section is the most learnable part of the LSAT. There’s nothing optional about the games strategies you’ve learned. You have to know and master all of them. You don’t have the time to freestyle it. Don’t know the difference between an overbooked and an underbooked game, and why it matters? Go back and review. Don’t know how to play the numbers? Go back and review.

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Get It While It’s Hot – Back to School Sale!

Fall is in the air, which means the return of changing leaves, apple cider, football, and – oh yeah – a little thing called school. We’ve got some good news, though: Not all of your classes have to be as boring as Introduction to the Principles of Discrete Mathematics, because for a limited time only, we’re having a flash sale for our awesome live LSAT prep course.

From today through 5pm PST on Thursday 9/17, you can get $400 off the live Blueprint LSAT Prep course. In addition to a snazzy set of brand-new textbooks that you don’t even have to buy from some weird re-seller on Amazon, here’s what you’ll get:

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Logical Reasonings / 7.24.15

A) There’s only a few more hours to get a FREE copy of The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games. Jump on it! Blueprint LSAT Prep

B) If you’re prepping for the October LSAT, check out the list of live classes starting this weekend. Blueprint LSAT Prep

C) Many recent college graduates can relate to receiving requests to donations from their alma maters while still paying off student loans. Here’s why that happens. Market Watch

D) Here’s a brief overview on preparing for the LSAT. Above the Law

E) Who said it: Donald Trump or Frank Reynolds from It’s Always Sunny? A surprisingly difficult test. Medium

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Starting right now – RIGHT NOW, PEOPLE – we are having a flash sale.* Enroll by 5pmPDT in any of the following courses, and ONLY the following courses, and get $400 off a classroom course. That’s only $1099, a small-teeny-itsy-bitsy-widdle price to pay for the best LSAT prep in the biz. Click the link below for the class you want. We suggest one near your place of residence.

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FREE Kindle version of ‘The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games’!!!


Put on your Santa Claus hats, boys and girls, because Christmas has come early this year! No, Ryan Gosling isn’t taking you to the senior dance and Kim Kardashian isn’t balancing another glass of champagne on her derriere. But we are giving away the Kindle version of The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games! For free!!!

That’s right. The giveaway begins today on Monday, July 20th at 10AM PST and ends on Friday, July 24th at 5PM PST. These are strict deadlines so don’t dally!

How to obtain your copy:

• Like us on Facebook. Yep, we’re shamelessly trolling for social media love. Once you’ve done that:
• Send an email to info@blueprintlsat.com with the subject line Games Book Giveaway and your full name so we can check that you liked us on Facebook.* We’ll also use this email address to send you the book by the end of the week and to remind you about a month from now to:
• Write an honest, unbiased review of the book on Amazon, Google Books, or another site (we’ll send you the link along with the request for a review).

You don’t have to own a Kindle in order to get a free copy of the book! You just need the Kindle App, available at the Apple Store or Google Play.

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Tips to Improve Your LSAT Study Habits (and LSAT Score)

LSAT prep season is getting in full swing. This winter, per usual, was a quiet time in the pre-law world; few people sit for the February LSAT, and there’s a lull of activity in the early months of the year. But after a busier spring of June LSAT prep, even more people are gearing up for the October. So what should you do if you’re planning on taking the test in a few months? Well, this may sound obvious, but you should study. You should study frequently, you should study well, you should study regularly. You should study.

LSAT Study Tip I: Do the work

For those of you taking an LSAT prep course, whether online or in-person, it’s not enough to just do the lessons.