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Items to Bring (and Some Not to) on February LSAT Test Day

The February LSAT is in two days, and we here at Blueprint LSAT Prep want you to do your best. LSAC has a bunch of regulations about what you need to bring, what’s chill to bring, and what’s totally verboten (that’s German for forbidden). You should definitely check out LSAC’s Test Day Manifesto. Here are some highlights of the major stuff, as well as some tips:


• February LSAT admission ticket with passport-style photo attached

• Government-issued photo ID

• Clear plastic Ziploc bag (one gallon max. size)

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A Slew of February LSAT Deadlines Expire This Weekend

If you’re taking the February LSAT, you should know about some final deadlines over the next few days. You can see all the February LSAT deadlines here, but let’s discuss some of the highlights.

Tomorrow, January 17, is your absolute last chance to register for the February LSAT. It’ll cost you an extra $70 for late registration, but if you’re planning to take the February LSAT and you haven’t registered yet, get to LSAC’s website right away.

Sunday, January 19, is your deadline for a few things. First of all, it’s your deadline to change February LSAT test centers online. If you didn’t like the LSAT test center options when you signed up for the February LSAT, you can take a look and see if something better has opened up. If it’s worth the $36 fee, you can make a change.

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12 Tasks That Will Turn You Into an LSAT Hercules

The Legend of Hercules opens in theaters today. In honor of this latest rehashed plot, here are the 12 Herculean LSAT Tasks that will forgive you for the sins you’ve committed against your LSAT score — like taking practice tests in the afternoon, or doing them in pen.

Herculean LSAT Task I: Memorize the Common LSAT Logical Reasoning Flaws

For your first Herculean LSAT task, I want you to memorize all of the common LSAT Logical Reasoning Flaws. On any given LSAT, knowing these flaws will be the key to getting the right answer for at least 40 questions. Let that sink in.

Blueprint LSAT Prep students, you know where to find these in your books.

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December LSAT Test Day: Do You Know What to Bring?

The December LSAT is two days away. You’ve come a long way to get this far, but there are few more things you need to know for Saturday.

What You Need to Bring on December LSAT Test Day

To get into your December LSAT test center you will need to bring the following items:

• December LSAT admission ticket with passport-style photo attached
• Photo identification
• One gallon clear plastic Ziploc bag

LSAC recommends that you wait until the night before the LSAT to print out your admissions ticket, since they may make some last-minute changes.

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Make the Most of Your Final Days Before the December LSAT

It’s December 3, your Thanksgiving food coma has barely worn off, and you’re staring at the December LSAT coming up this Saturday. It’s your last week of LSAT prep before the December LSAT, so it’s important that you make the most of it.

By now, you should have finished covering all the kinds of questions you’ll see on the LSAT. Whether it’s your first time taking the real thing, or you’re an LSAT veteran, you should devote this week to timed practice: full LSAT practice tests and full timed sections. Of course, review them carefully. And if anything comes up that you need to review, do a little extra practice.

But don’t overdo it. If you’re a sleep-deprived wreck on December LSAT test day, you’ll erase any benefit you might have gained from studying like crazy this week.

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December LSAT Deadline Rundown: Last Chance to Register

Today is your final chance to register for the December LSAT. You’ll have to do so over the phone or online through the LSAC website.

You should know that the December LSAT is probably going to be your last chance to get an LSAT score in time for this application cycle. So, if you don’t register for the December LSAT, then you’re probably going to have to put off law school for a year.

If you’ve been studying for the December LSAT for the past two months, but for some reason haven’t registered for it yet, you need to do so immediately. Also, if you know you won’t get another chance to study for the LSAT, you should go ahead and register for the December LSAT.

There is still a lot of time left for you to improve your LSAT score.

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Notable 2013 December LSAT Deadlines That Start Today

The 2013 December LSAT is just over a month away, but we already have some very important LSAT deadlines to deal with. Let’s run through them.

Today is your last day to register early for the December LSAT. So, if you’re planning on taking the December LSAT, you should go to the LSAC’s website and register immediately. Registering early is a really good idea because you’ll save $70, and your favorite LSAT test center is more likely to be available.

There are some very huge differences between LSAT test centers. Some test centers feature small desks, loud environments, and LSAT proctors from hell (the kind that call time 5 minutes early). You want to stay as far away from these as possible.

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Decision Time: Should You Withdraw from the October LSAT?

Here we go. It’s the final countdown. You may be wondering if you’re ready to actually take the October LSAT. Or, you may just be thinking, “October LSAT, I wish I knew how to quit you.” Whichever position you find yourself in, I’m gonna shoot straight with you.

You should take the October LSAT if…

If you would be happy with an LSAT score that is two points lower than your best practice LSAT score, then you should take the October LSAT.

If you know that you will never be able to study for the LSAT again, then you should take the October LSAT.

You should NOT take the October LSAT if…

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Use Your Final Days Before the October LSAT Wisely

Here it is: the final week before the October LSAT. If you’re taking the LSAT this Saturday, it’s important that you use the next few days wisely.

You should be putting the final touches on your LSAT skills as you study. Take a timed test or two, do some timed sections, and review them carefully. Most of what you do should be close to what you’ll do on LSAT test day: 35-minute sections, with a clock. It isn’t the time to make any drastic changes to your technique, but try to identify your weak areas and tweak things as needed.

It’s just as important that you taper off the amount you study. You should put some good work in over the next few days, but not so much that it comes at the expense of sleep or sanity. The LSAT isn’t a test that you can cram for.

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There’s Still Hope if Your October LSAT Testing Center is Full

Here at Most Strongly Supported, we love saying “we told you so.” (Who doesn’t?)

And hey, remember back in June when we told you to sign up for your October LSAT test center pronto because they tend to fill up? Well, if you didn’t heed our advice until now, you may have noticed that the early deadline to sign up for the October LSAT is one week away, and it just may be the case that your preferred October LSAT testing centers are full.

So what do you do? Panic? Cry? Resign yourself to going to truck driver school?

No, no, and definitely not. The first thing you need to do is sign up for the October LSAT posthaste.