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A Guide to Blueprint Area LSAT Testing Centers

As you know, the LSAT is a huge deal. It consists of nothing more than pencil and paper, but your performance on LSAT test day could very well determine your entire legal career. Therefore, there’s a lot of tension on these days. The last thing you need is some sort of distraction with the LSAT testing center room.

Scroll through the comments any of our LSAT blog’s past LSAT test day instant recaps, and you’ll find, unfortunately, that distractions are rampant in LSAT testing centers. Oftentimes it’s an annoying or inexperienced proctor. Sometimes it’s the chairs they put you in. Either way, it’s not uncommon for months of intense LSAT prep to go to waste because LSAC can’t consistently maintain their LSAT testing centers. And there are a lot of LSAT testing centers.

Allow us to help.

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Several December LSAT Testing Centers Closed Due to Storm

Good news to whichever December LSAT test-takers has been singing “Let It Snow” in hopes of his or her exam being postponed.

It worked.

LSAC announced today that 15 December LSAT testing centers in five states will be closed tomorrow for the exam. That’s of 10:30 a.m. PST, though, so if you are in an area that has been or will be hit with snow, be sure to refresh this LSAC page throughout the day.

If your December LSAT testing center does get shut down, LSAC will send you an email to confirm. LSAC also says it will email each December LSAT test-taker with options for making up the exam by the end of next week.

This isn’t even the first time this year that LSAC has had to deal with inclement weather causing LSAT testing center closures.

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February LSAT Advice From December LSAT Test-Takers

Just a couple days ago, thousands of students sat for the December LSAT. And as they await their LSAT scores, the LSAT wheel now turns to focus on those taking the February LSAT. But you winter babies would do well to learn from the trials of your December brethren. Here are six pieces of advice December LSAT students would give February LSAT students.

February LSAT Advice From December LSAT Test-Takers I: Schedule out your LSAT study time

People studying for the December LSAT faced a number of obstacles – working around Thanksgiving, dealing with college classes, etc. February LSAT students are no different. You have to plan out your LSAT study time in advance, because if you’re a student you’ll already have to be working around finals, and there’s also Christmas and New Years to contend with.

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Get Your Seat for the June 2011 LSAT Now.

You know when you’re flipping around different TV channels and you come across the end of an infomercial? Two things always strike me as strange: The first is that you can always pay for infomercial products with a money order. Not a credit card, not even a personal check, but a money order. If you are using a money order to buy a Shoedini, you are either 100 years old or someone didn’t hug you as a child. The second strange thing is that they always try to illicit some sort of supply crisis (“CALL NOW to order your Snuggie before they are all gone! Supplies are limited and there is a limit of 5 Snuggies per order!“). I mean, come on. You’re telling me if Danny Tanner called up to get Snuggies for everyone in his family they wouldn’t sell them to him? Of course they would. They’d even hook up Kimmy Gibler. I can also guarantee you that they will always have enough fabric available to make a backwards robe.