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A Guide to Blueprint Area LSAT Testing Centers

As you know, the LSAT is a huge deal. It consists of nothing more than pencil and paper, but your performance on LSAT test day could very well determine your entire legal career. Therefore, there’s a lot of tension on these days. The last thing you need is some sort of distraction with the LSAT testing center room.

Scroll through the comments any of our LSAT blog’s past LSAT test day instant recaps, and you’ll find, unfortunately, that distractions are rampant in LSAT testing centers. Oftentimes it’s an annoying or inexperienced proctor. Sometimes it’s the chairs they put you in. Either way, it’s not uncommon for months of intense LSAT prep to go to waste because LSAC can’t consistently maintain their LSAT testing centers. And there are a lot of LSAT testing centers.

Allow us to help.

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What to Do Now If Your 2013 December LSAT Was Postponed

Winter made its arrival official last week when it hammered the United States with bitter cold temperatures and dangerous weather conditions. The results: very snowy football, and almost 30 LSAT test centers closed for the 2013 December LSAT.

While most December LSAT test-takers are beginning the long wait for their LSAT scores, or perhaps debating whether to cancel, the unlucky ones who were registered at those LSAT testing centers must now wait for the word on when they’ll get to retake the LSAT. If your December LSAT was delayed, this blog post is for you.

The first thing you should know is that you need to stay ready. LSAC says that it will get word to you this week about your make up December LSAT test date.

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5 Keys to Not Being a Turkey on December LSAT Test Day

Hank, our LSAT blog editor-at-large, gave me the topic of “5 Keys to Not Being a Turkey on December LSAT Test Day.” There’s no way I’m giving him a pass and coming up with something that isn’t as cheesy (plus, who doesn’t love cheesy? My holiday-themed movie marathon includes It’s a Wonderful Life, so clearly not this guy), so I present to you…

5 Keys to Not Being a Turkey on December LSAT Test Day

Key #1 to Not Being a Turkey on December LSAT Test Day: Anger, fear, aggression. The LSAT are they.

You’ll be going through a range of emotions over the next week and a half. In fact, you’ll probably go through the entire range of emotions over the next week and a half.

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October LSAT Early Withdraw Deadline is One Week Away

You are no doubt keenly aware that there is a little less than a month until the October LSAT.

If the thought strikes fear into your heart, you’re certainly not alone. And that’s okay – you’re not supposed to feel ready at this point, or even close to ready. The last month is when things should start coming together for you, so although you’ve still got plenty of work to do, there is no cause for concern at this point.

In related news, September 13 (one week from today) is the last day to withdraw from the October LSAT and receive a refund. This is important for two different groups of people:

As we discussed last week, anyone who is unhappy with his or her October LSAT testing center should be primed and ready to go on the 13th.

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Sign Up for an Upcoming Law School Admission Workshop

First up, a reminder that Tuesday is the early deadline registration for the October LSAT. So if you plan to take the October LSAT and don’t want to pay a late fee, get on it. If you find your preferred October LSAT testing center is full, it’s not the end of the world.

The fact that we’re talking about October LSAT deadlines means it’s also law school application season. While taking the LSAT is a behemoth of a task, putting together a convincing law school application can be just as daunting — especially if you haven’t started yet.

Luckily, Blueprint LSAT Prep and Anna Ivey Consulting are here to help.

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Game of Thrones and LSAT Prep: A Match Made in Westeros

Fans love Game of Thrones for its intrigue, deceit, and wry humor. Of course, anyone studying for the LSAT knows that LSAT prep embodies the same qualities.

Pardon? You didn’t know that? Fear not, dear reader, for all shall be explained to you (and in prose as gripping as George R.R. Martin’s).

(Note: There aren’t any specific Game of Thrones spoilers in this article, but I will allude to things that are happening in the current season. If you haven’t gotten around to watching it yet, you should get off the computer, watch all available episodes immediately, and then return to the LSAT blog and read this. Go ahead, I’ll wait.)

Game of Thrones Example I: Daenerys’ big moment in Astapor

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Nemo-Affected February LSAT Test-Takers Await Their Fates

When asked to write a post about the February LSAT reschedules due to Winter Storm Nemo, I realized I could go one of two ways: Either shove as many Finding Nemo jokes into these paragraphs as possible, or spare you the puns. But there are too many people out there who are freaking out over the extra time they now have to fill before taking their LSAT, so I won’t be clowning around.

Nemo itself came and went. Here in New York City, we got about a foot or so. It was miserable outside, but quite warm in my apartment. With my peppermint schnapps-filled hot chocolate. My 12-pound dog hated it, but even he survived the arctic winds.

The storm did, however, close down a number of February LSAT testing centers.

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Logical Reasonings / 2.8.13

A) Good luck to everyone taking the February LSAT tomorrow. If you’re in the northeast, make sure your LSAT testing center isn’t on the list of closures due to Nemo. LSAC.

B) Washington University is the best law school for social life. Whatever that means. Above the Law.

C) The LAPD is still on the hunt for Christopher Dorner. Neither of these two women are him. Los Angeles Times.

D) If anyone’s looking for a new place of worship, the Westboro Baptist Church has a couple new openings. Newser.

E) Beyoncè’s publicist made too much out of nothing. Now there’s something. This. BuzzFeed.

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Several February LSAT Testing Centers Closed Due to Nemo

Another LSAT administration, another weather delay.

Just four months after Hurricane Sandy caused a delay in the release of October LSAT scores, a blizzard in the northeast United States has forced LSAC to close a number of February LSAT testing centers. The full list of LSAT testing centers that will be closed can be found here. As of Friday morning there are eight states affected: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island. Three February LSAT testing centers in Canada have also been closed.

If you were scheduled to take the February LSAT in one of the affected LSAT testing centers, you should receive a notification from LSAC about the situation, as well as an email within a week of when and where your rescheduled LSAT will take place.

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Matt Shinners’s 2013 February LSAT Predictions

UPDATE: LSAC has closed some February LSAT testing centers in the northeast due to an approaching blizzard. Check this LSAT blog post for more.

Making predictions for the February LSAT is a liberating experience. As the only unreleased LSAT of the year, I can say pretty much anything without fear of being proven wrong.

Plus, I can’t get it as wrong as those Mayans, amirite?

2013 February LSAT Prediction I: Logic Games

Logic Games have been flip-flopping between obscenely difficult (think Zones) and remarkably easy over the past few LSATs.