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Bring a Little Love to the LSAT with Blueprint’s Valentine’s Day Sale

In case you haven’t walked by any pharmacies or department stores and noticed the gaudy pink decorations ensconcing every available wall and display, you should know we’re less than a week away from Valentine’s Day. You could fall into the trap of the commercialized, Hallmark holiday and buy that someone special in your life some flowers, chocolate, and a silly stuffed bear, or you could take advantage of the upcoming Blueprint sale to get them something truly unforgettable.

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Your Schedule for the Last Week before the February LSAT

It’s the week of the February LSAT, and if you’re taking the test this week, you might be wondering about how best to spend your final few days. Luckily, we’ve got your back. Here’s the rundown on what the rest of your week should look like in order to ensure maximum preparedness this weekend.

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Start your law school journey right with tomorrow’s webinars

So, you’re thinking about applying to law school. Maybe this has been a lifelong goal for you, once a relative told you that your bratty, argumentative demeanor would serve you well as an attorney. Maybe you’ve been inspired by civil rights and public interest attorneys past and present and want to fight on behalf of the underrepresented. Maybe you’ve seen starting salaries at so-called Big Law firms and literal bags of money materialized on your corneas. Maybe you’ve seen the arrests of Philly fans celebrating their win last night, and see a market opportunity.

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Free Upcoming Webinars on February 6!

February can be a month of high stress and seemingly endless waiting. Whether you are counting down the days until the February LSAT, or waiting for some good news on your law school applications. And once you make it to law school, February is probably still going to be a month for waiting to hear back on summer jobs. It’s time to step off the hamster wheel of life created by these cycles of unbearable waiting, and find something you can do right now.

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Mastering the Final Stage of Your LSAT Studies

You’ve spent months slaving over Flaw and Sufficient Assumption questions. You’re having dreams about diagramming and taking the contrapositive of conditional statements. You’ve pilgrimaged to the top of the tallest mountain and communed with the wise man to find out when to use scenarios in Logic Games. Now you’re in the home stretch of your studying, and you’re wondering how to proceed.

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Last Chance to RSVP to Tomorrow’s Webinars!

Random person who wants to go to law school, who is also an imbecile: “I’m going to spend months trying to figure out what the LSAT is on my own, and then many more months after that trying to figure how to apply to law school.”

You, a person who also wants to go to law school, but is a genius and not an imbecile: “I’m going to take a few hours this Wednesday to learn about all that stuff. Oh, also I won’t have to leave my house to do so.”

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RSVP to the Webinars We’re Hosting Next Wednesday!

Everyone says “New Year, New Me,” but we don’t hear too many people saying “New Year, New LSAT Score.” Frankly, we’re mystified by why more people aren’t thinking about the LSAT at the moment the clock strikes 12:01 am on New Year’s Eve, and every moment thereafter. Who can explain this phenomenon? No one. No one at all, so don’t even try.