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Alert! Alert! Flash sale (possibly) in your area!

You’re a crafty one, and you were thinking to yourself, “Self, Blueprint’s worth the cost, but I’m just gonna sit here for a few days and wait to see if they have a sale.”

Well, if you live in Berkeley, San Francisco, or Houston – one of these things is not like the other one! – your craftiness has paid off. (If you’re in another location, your craftiness has currently gotten you nowhere, just like mom said it would. Or wouldn’t. Whatever.)

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Blueprint’s mobile app learns you while you learn the LSAT!

This week, we’re rolling out some new features on our mobile app that, in our humble opinion, will revolutionize the way aspiring lawyers study for the LSAT. All these features revolve around one simple idea: The best LSAT prep is tailored to your needs.

These features, which are also available through our web portal, are available to all Blueprint students: