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Logical Reasonings / 4.12.16

A. Stephen Hawking’s new project, Breakthrough Starshot, promises to get a probe to our nearest star neighbor, Alpha Centauri, in just 20 years. By way of comparison, a probe traveling at the speed our current probes travel would take 30,000 years. Science

B. The OG Star Wars Trilogy is coming soon to theaters near you. Tix available on May the 4th. Mental Floss

C. Here’s Mark Zuckerberg’s ten year plan for Facebook. Basically, he’s going to continue selling your private information. USA Today

D. A proposed bill in NY would require drivers involved in accidents to hand their phones over to authorities for “testing” to determine whether it had been used in the run up to the accident. Great idea? Or government overreach? App Advice

E. Ahhhhh!! Run! It’s rampaging Danish monkeys!! The Local

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Logical Reasonings / 3.4.16

A. Sooooo, apparently there’s a knife that was found on OJ Simpson’s estate way back in the 90’s and given to a police officer. The officer just kinda forgot about it for 20 or so years, you know, NBD. CNN

B. When it meets next week in Phoenix, the American Bar Association will consider requiring 75% bar passage rate within to years of graduation for law schools to maintain accreditation. The Wall Street Journal

C. Aurora theater mass-shooter James Holmes got transferred to an undisclosed, out-of-state prison because he got assaulted in the prison he was in. We’re pretty much okay with him just staying put and getting assaulted. Newsweek

D. Monkeys are now able to control wheelchairs with their minds. We’re pretty sure this is the backstory of Planet of the Apes. CBS News

E. Been waiting all your life for chocolate Easter bunnies with the face of Benedict Cumberbatch? You have? That is really creepy. Just click this link and show yourself out, okay? Bored Panda