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Price Reduced for Blueprint’s September LSAT Online Course

If you’re still thinking about taking the September LSAT but haven’t started studying, it’s time to buckle down and make a decision.

Allow us to make it a little easier for you.

Blueprint LSAT Prep’s online course for the September LSAT is now available for a reduced price of $650. That’s a savings of $200 off the original price. However, it’s only for a limited time (and you’ve got less than two months to prepare for the exam, anyway), so act fast. You can enroll here.


If you’re looking for something to spend that extra $200 on, why not sign up for one of our upcoming law school application workshops?

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Blueprint LSAT Prep Summer Courses Enrolling Now

Despite the return of the polar vortex, Summer is officially here.

That means it’s time to start preparing for the September LSAT, which is now less than three months away. A handful of Blueprint LSAT Prep classes have already begun, but we’ve got a slew of other locations that will be starting up real soon. Here’s the full list, along with their instructors and start date:

Berkeley LSAT Prep 2 (Phil Belleau): July 12

Miami LSAT Prep 2 (Matt Williamson): July 12

UCLA LSAT Prep 3 (Spencer Robins): July 12

Pasadena LSAT Prep 1 (Ross Rinehart): July 13

Palo Alto LSAT Prep (Phil Belleau): July 13

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Most Blueprint LSAT Prep Courses Start Next Weekend

As the first quarter of 2014 winds down, it’s time to shift focus to the highlight of the second quarter: the June LSAT.

While adjusting your sights, why not take a look at some of the upcoming Blueprint LSAT Prep courses that are starting soon (mostly next weekend). Here’s a list, along with the instructor and start date — and a link to find out more about each LSAT course:

Spring 2014 New York 1 LSAT prep course — Christian Benante — March 30

Spring 2014 Atlanta LSAT prep course — Jennifer Chae — March 30

Spring 2014 Austin LSAT prep course — Jessica Jackelen — March 30

Spring 2014 Phoenix LSAT prep course — Dylan Gadek — April 5

Spring 2014 Irvine LSAT prep course — Jay Donnell — April 5

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New Caption Contest, Plus Our Instagram T-Shirt Winners

Step right up! Step right up! Put your skills to the test for your chance to win fabulous prizes!

(And don’t worry. Unlike most carnival games, Blueprint’s aren’t rigged.)

It’s time for another LSAT blog caption contest. Take a look at the image below and write a funny LSAT or law school-related caption in the comments. Check out some of our past caption contest winners to get a feel of what we’re looking for.

This one’s definitely worth entering, too, because we’re giving the first-place winner a $300 discount off one of Blueprint’s spring 2014 live LSAT prep classes or $100 off our spring 2014 online LSAT prep course. We’ll announce the winner next week right here on the LSAT blog.

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Blueprint LSAT Prep’s Cyber Monday: February LSAT Courses

***UPDATE: Here’s the winning tweet in our latest hashtag contest:


Congratulations to Clarisse!

There’s still time on the clock to take advantage of Blueprint LSAT Prep’s huge discounts off its online and classroom LSAT prep courses for the February LSAT.

Until midnight tonight, you can get $200 off Blueprint’s winter 2013-14 live LSAT prep course or $100 off Blueprint’s winter and spring 2013-14 online LSAT prep course by purchasing on the Blueprint website and using promo codes “THANKS200” or “THANKS100.”

But note: Offers are for new students only and cannot be combined with other discounts and cannot be added retroactively.

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Blueprint LSAT Prep Courses Open for 2014 February LSAT

There’s a lot going on in the world of LSAT next weekend (Dec. 7 and 8). With the December LSAT going down that Saturday, the baton changes hands Sunday with the start of Blueprint LSAT Prep’s winter 2013-2014 classroom courses in preparation for the February LSAT.

Because of law school application timelines, the February LSAT is the least popular LSAT that LSAC offers. However, Blueprint LSAT Prep still has six locations where you can take an LSAT prep course (as well as our online LSAT course, which will grant you access for the June LSAT, as well!).

Here’s a rundown of Blueprint LSAT Prep classroom courses for the February LSAT — all of which start on Dec. 8, 2013:

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Caption Contest Winner: Who Won $200 Off Online LSAT Prep

With the 2013 December LSAT just over a month away (yep), we here at Blueprint LSAT Prep thought we’d give all you procrastinators out there a chance to take our online LSAT prep course with a sizable discount. Enter: our latest LSAT blog caption contest.

Before announcing the winner, here’s how it went down: Last week, we posted the above photo and asked for prospective students to write a funny LSAT or law school-related caption. We pick our favorite one, and the winner receives a $200 discount off our 2013 fall online LSAT prep course — which gives you access for two testing administrations. Although some submissions were from ineligible entrants, they did not disappoint.

So without further ado, here’s the winning entry in the LSAT blog caption contest:

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Caption Contest: $200 Off Our Fall Online LSAT Prep Course

New contest ending alert! New contest ending alert! New contest ending alert!

Time is running out to register for Blueprint LSAT Prep’s fall online LSAT prep course for the 2013 December LSAT. That’s why we’re giving away a $200 discount towards our fall online LSAT prep course to whoever submits the best caption for the above photo. Make it funny, but not offensive, and try to connect it in some way to law school or the LSAT or anything pre-law. To see what we’re going for, here’s a recent example of a caption contest winner on the LSAT blog.

But hurry. We’ll pick our favorite tomorrow and announce the winner right here on the LSAT blog.

Please note: this contest is for new Blueprint LSAT Prep online LSAT prep course students only.

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Update: Blueprint LSAT Prep Movie Quotes Contest Change

Consider this the sequel to Monday’s LSAT blog post. Or at least, its gritty reboot.

Over on the Blueprint LSAT Prep Facebook page, we are running a new contest that involves posting a quote from a law-related film and having our followers guess which movie it’s from. Originally, we gave away a $50 discount off a summer Blueprint online LSAT course or $100 off our summer live LSAT class to the first person to comment with the correct answer. After some thought, we’ve decided to open things up to give more people a chance to win. Here’s the update:

After we post the quote on the Blueprint LSAT Prep Facebook page, followers will have a set amount of time to comment with the movie title.