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Get Some Practice Playing the Numbers

When someone tells you to “play the numbers” in a Logic Game, does your mind go blank, or even worse, to some kind of ill-conceived gambling scheme? If you’re not yet comfortable with playing the numbers, then you’re in luck (with your LSAT aspirations at least). Playing the numbers is mainly going to be a method deployed on overbooked and underbooked logic games. It’s a way to determine the parameters of the game (the smallest and largest numbers you can use while applying all of the game’s rules). This allows you to narrow down the game to a few possible scenarios. Let’s look at a couple examples to see how you would “play the numbers” in an actual game.

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Playing the Numbers: Logic Games Superhero

Whenever I talk to people about the LSAT (which is more often than I care to admit), I almost inevitably hear the same thing: “Logic games were my favorite section.” It baffles me. Not to put too fine a point on it, but I loath logic games. I hated them when I was a student, and I continued hating them as an instructor.