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5 Quick Tips to Supercharge Your Logical Reasoning Performance

During my time writing for this blog, I’ve repeatedly vented about my hatred for logic games. Fortunately for everyone, I won’t be talking about logic games this week; instead, I get to talk about a section that is near and dear to my heart — logical reasoning — and the dead horse that is my vendetta against logic games will get at least a weeklong reprieve. Without further adieu, here are my five quick tips for upping your logical reasoning score.

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Staying Positive While You Study

The LSAT can be discouraging. Getting ten percent of the questions wrong puts you roughly in the top one percent of a self-selected group of people who have been to college and gone so far as to consider law school. That means it’s a hard test. No one is immune to the LSAT’s frustrations, but it’s important to stay positive as you study.

Negative thoughts only get in the way. When you doubt whether you can really tackle the LSAT, you’re fighting your own thoughts as well as the LSAT. The LSAT is enough on its own. Don’t make it even harder.

As you study, break things down into pieces. Get your score out of your head. Focus on whatever concept you’re studying and on that concept alone. Your goal should be to really understand whatever little thing you’re working on.

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The Easter Bunny Drops Off an LSAT Logic Game

Easter was yesterday, and by all reports the Easter Bunny had another successful campaign. But before any old rabbit can gain the title of Easter Bunny, he must audition.

Here’s an LSAT Logic Game on that very subject:

Seven bunny-rabbits: Fluffy, Harry, Jack, Playboy, Roger, Trix, and Velveteen, each audition exactly once for a position as Easter Bunny. No two rabbits audition at the same time. The following must obtain:

Roger and Playboy audition consecutively.
Velveteen auditions before Jack or after Trix, but not both.
Fluffy auditions after Trix and before Roger.
Harry auditions at some time after Fluffy.

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So Your LSAT Diagnostic Score Sucks

As winter becomes spring, many of you will soon be sitting down to take your first practice LSAT. This is the universal first step, and more often than not, it’s a fairly painful one.

Not to be a big downer, but taking an LSAT with little or no preparation is a humbling experience, not unlike stepping into a boxing ring for the first time. Going in, you might feel confident, even excited. After all, you’ve seen plenty of boxing in the movies, so you know the drill – jab, hook, etc. And then the bell rings and someone starts hitting you really hard, and you’re like, “Wait… hang on… ow!… Oh, I see. I suck.”

After that, maybe you quit boxing and try something lower impact. It’s kind of barbaric anyway, you think. You try swimming. Apparently it’s good for your joints.