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Prince’s Least Favorite Subject: Estate Planning

Continuing a year that has been unkind to music legends, Prince passed away a few weeks ago. As you probably have heard by now, it appears that the late artist did little or no estate planning before he died. Unfortunately, this could pose an array of legal issues going forward. This post is dedicated to the basics of estate law — we’ll look explore those basics through the lens of the particular issues facing Prince’s heirs.

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Logical Reasonings / 5.6.16

A. Surprise, surprise. A bunch of people don’t like the law school ranking regime. Quartz

B. Trump celebrates Cinco de Mayo precisely how you’d think. Daily Kos

C. It appears that Paul Ryan is being presented with his own Profiles in Courage moment. ABC

D. Future estate lawyers, behold the unholy mess that is Prince’s estate. No will. No nuthin’. CNBC

E. If you read this blog, chances are your post-graduation options come down to teaching K-12 or being a lawyer. This might help you make that decision. Huffington Post

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Logical Reasonings / 4.22.16

A. Thought you couldn’t love the late pop star Prince anymore? Turns out he threw Kim K offstage in 2011. Rolling Stone

B. Faltering Syracuse Law School is offering an online JD program, and, apparently, you still have to suffer the Socratic Method. ABA Journal

C. The Governor of Virginia, a Democrat, signed an executive order today restoring voting rights to some 200,000 felons. State Republicans are not happy. The New York Times

D. Idiot Curt Schilling continues to refuse to apologize for idiocy, even after he loses job for being an idiot. Idiot. New York Post

E. So, here’s a story about a guy who tried to take out a wasp’s nest with a homemade blowtorch. Yes, it ends precisely like you think it does. Stuff

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Logical Reasonings / 4.21.16

A. WTF??? Prince died today at the too-young age of 57. Not cool. Mother Jones

B. To make matters worse, former WWE wrestler Chyna died today at only 46. Ugh, can today be over yet please? TMZ

C. Okay, here’s something creepy and disgusting to take your mind off those last two entries. IFL Science

D. Here’s something that should make you excited to go to law school, there’s now a first-of-its-kind baseball law-specific casebook. Looking for luge law? That’s a different class, pal. Forbes

E. Finally, criminal charges are starting to come down in the Flint lead contaminated water crisis. Let’s hope justice gets done for the people of Flint. CNN